Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rollercoaster of emotion

Gawd, this is more gay than a roomful of preschoolers on nitrous oxide. In so many ways. I'm glad I didn't have a TV in the eighties.

TTL points to this as having much more gravitas.

I had to have it explained. Not sure I get it still, though.

But really, I'm amazed at the repulsion I feel at the guy in the first video. The hair, the clothes, the face, the voice, the moves. It just makes me want to blow chunks. Is it just me?

This spoof site has some interesting text additions... "fetching tea"? What? The closest I could find was "tea potting", which seems... unlikely? (Especially second definition. Yeah, that's gonna happen.)


Karen Rayne, Ph.D. said...

Eolake, have you been RickRolled??

And perhaps they meant "tea-bagging"?

(Text is certainly not SFW, but there aren't any obtrusive graphics.)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

It seems I was "hawkrolled".
I'd be embarrassed if I knew what I could have done to avoid it.

The hawking thing was funny, if you know what rickrolling is.
But rickrolling itself seems to me to be that kind of Internet humor which is only funny because it feeds on itself. I don't get the humor in sending people to a wrong link.

Anonymous said...

Found this: