Friday, September 19, 2014

Two small gadgets

I've found a couple of kewl gadgets in one of my fave online stores, PhotoJojo.

Une Bobine is a combine phone-charge cabel and phone stand/tripod.
It is not a danged stable tripod by any stretch, so don't expect miracles if there's wind, but I think it's cool, and I want to use it when reading or writing when I'm not home, so I have the screen nearer eye-height, to save my poor ol' neck.

The Pocket Spotlight is a tiny flood light. I think it's mis-named, because one of the good things about it is that it evenly covers a big area. It gives quite a lot of light, and its the size of a matchbox, only thinner!
You don't have to have it mounted on the camera/phone, it is independent. But I've experimented, and the light it gives, even when sitting on the camera, is clearly superior to a phonecamera's built-in flash.
It can also be used as fill light, of course. And even for indirect light, if the subject is not too large.
It can also be used simply as a flash light. It's much smaller, and gives a much broader and more even light. You can carry it anywhere, only problem is it might get lost in the bag...

They have great support. 
As does the small company (one man?) which makes the Bobine. It was unclear if it would support the heft of the iPhone 6 Plus, and PhotoJojo weren't sure, so I contacted him personally at (!). He said: 

It will definitely charge and sync both new iPhones, but until we have them in our hands for testing, we can’t guarantee the holding/positioning use. We are getting the 6 today and the 6 plus next wednesday for testing. But, for giggles, I strapped a Galaxy S4 onto the front of my iPhone 5s and put it on Bobine. The weight of these phones combined is a lot higher than the 6 plus weight. And Bobine performed great, so I’m assuming it will work just fine for the 6 plus.

A car, printed in two days

... Which has less than fifty parts! Video.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gitte Hænning sings Miss Sky-blue (updated)

This is actually from before I was born!
What a voice Gitte has! In the Frøken Himmelblå (Miss Sky-blue) clip, both when she's talking, but especially when she sings, what power. And I think she was not yet 20.
The song is about how he advices her to "put the hat askew and flourish with flowers", meaning lift your head and smile, it makes you prettier.

Some say the vid won't play in the states. TCGirl found a version by two amateur singers, both quite good:

Here is Gitte's greatest hit, only in an English version:

And here the same, in the original Danish, at least thirty-five years later!
It's remarkable how different the singing is. I like the original lively version, but there's also much to be said for this more thoughtful, laid-back version. I think it becomes a different song, really.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lights Over Lapland

Thanks to Henry for sending this video, it's def one of the best time-lapse videos I have seen. Orsome stoff.
(Full screen recommended.)

From Lights Over Lapland.

Rocket Book files

Does anybody know a file translator app for the old Rocket Book ebook format? (That's over a decade old.)