Saturday, March 30, 2013


How quiet it is. Happy Easter everyone!    :-)

Path’s Dave Morin

Man, the world has some weird people in it.

The product keeps your social network small, limiting Path users to only 150 friends in an attempt to mimic real-world friend-and-family circles

(Apparently for people who need an app to say "no" for them.) (Also: "only" 150 friends? If that's a low number, no wonder people need help choosing.)

Ringtone: None.
“I don’t use a ring of any kind on my phone. This is so that I am always on offense and never defense.”

Aha. I'll bet his bible is "The Art Of War". 

The article states that he loves "Circa", an app which condenses the news down to small bites, fitting on a phone. It seems USA Today had a love child with Twitter. Great, you'll appear informed without having to read or think or digest or understand anything. 

Phone wallpaper: The Tetons.
“They remind me of home and my values. The mountains are my soul.”

Comment under the article: 
"Too bad he did not have an App that could tell him that his answers _ not to mention that ridiculous photo_ would make him look like a self absorbed, humorless ass."

There are three other comments, but they are not visible, they are "under review". Were they less respectful than Jimmy's!?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

new sunset desktop

Ray sends another lovely sunset for your desktop.

If you want it bigger than 1200x1600, you 1: have a big screen or printer, and 2: can get it here.

Canon G9, ISO 80, 1/800sec, F:4.0. I applied de-noising in Photoshop, though only barely necessary, it only made a difference in the soft tones on upper right. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hot-blooded parrot

[Thanks to Bert]

That's the oddest looking bird I've seen. But he knows what he wants!

Cat and deer

Dave sent this to me, from their farm one winter. His wife Sandy...

...saw the deer eating the dog food. All employees were carrying cameras in their pockets because Lynx tracks had been spotted here and there around the property. When Sandy shot the interlopers, she had the sense to put her finger over the built in automatic flash so they wouldn't freak out and hurt themselves in panic. A real farm girl for sure.
I blew the photo way up for a poster once and that's when I noticed something. If you look carefully, you can see snow flakes standing on the tips of the buck's coarse outer hairs. That's why they don't get wet and cold I'm told.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Great Porn Experiment

[Thanks to TTL]

I am looking forward to more data on this. I'm sure there's a lot of truth to it, but the way this sounds, there should basically not be *any* young men today who can get it up, can satisfy a woman, and are not depressed and dysfunctional, just from broadband porn addiction. At some point there he makes it sound like quitting Net porn will cure the world of depression, failure, and erectile disfunction, like some people sound like drinking more water will make a new world of shining health.

Twitter header, me

I've updated the Header graphic (well, I didn't even have one) on my Twitter page.
I used a photo from my old set of frostflowers, I think it worked well.

Four African girls have created a urin-powered generator

Four African girls have created a pee-powered generator, article.

Buying a camera...

Here's a surprisingly well-rounded article about the basics of how cameras and lenses work, and what factors are important when choosing one. It's well done of The Verge to make articles like this, instead of sticking to the easy stuff of reporting on rumors and new gadgets.

Interesting designs

Interesting new designs.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lockheed Martin wants to use a quantum computer to develop radar, aircraft systems

Lockheed Martin wants to use a quantum computer to develop radar, aircraft systems, article.

I thought that quantum computing was still only theoretical, but it seems they have working computers. Though limited and very expensive.
The idea of a computer which is not purely dualistic (either one or zero, either yes or now), is a bit mind-boggling. But then this article says "quantum computing is more probabilistic, also allowing a combination of zero and one to simultaneously answer many questions with quantum bits of information", so maybe it's not as different as one might think.