Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Weatherman

I was just in the cinema to see The Weatherman with Nicholas Cage and Michael Cane. A decent movie, but five minutes in I lean to my friend and wispered "It's not really a comedy, is it?" He said "whatever gave you the idea it was a comedy? It's not at all. " And indeed it wasn't. Not even faintly.
On the way out I showed him the big poster in the lobby, saying:
The Weatherman
A comedy to brighten your day
"Hugely entertaining"
"A brilliant comedy"
He could see how I'd gotten confused.
How can they think it'll be good for a film to let people think it is a completely different kind of film?

Sane advice

There is a warning label inside my my pants which says: "Keep away from fire".
I noticed this at the last minute, I had just been planning to spend my evening with my legs on top of gaily burning logs in the fireplace. But it seems this is not safe somehow, so I'll have to rethink it.
What would we do without corporations and lawmakers making life safe for us?

Friday, March 10, 2006

William Gibson blog

It seems that William Gibson has taken to posting snippets from his book-in-progress! (See his last couple of blog posts.)
I don't know how he can, I don't think I could.
Gibson is unique. Nobody writes with his rhytm and poetry. I get physical reactions to it. I am really looking forward to this book.

Red, White, Blue

Red, White, Blue

Niggardly with the intelligence

I have just heard about David Howard, who in 1999 had to resign as Director of the Office of the Public Advocate for the Government of the District of Columbia, because he had used the word "niggardly" in conversation. "Niggardly" means miserly, cheap, and has nothing to do with race. Yet despite this indisputable fact, he had to resign!
If anything ever proved my point that most of the world is in the thrall of emotions and has little truck with observation and intelligence, this must be it.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


This is my Yucca plant Alexander. He is named after Alexander the Great, because he is king of the windowsill.


(You photographers can try and figure out how I did the large depth-of-field. Hint: I believe it was not possible last year.) (For non-photographers: depth-of-field is how far and near to the camera the picture is sharp at the same time. It is a problem with tele and with close-ups.)


Zippity-doo-dah, zippity-yeah! My oh my, what a wonderful day.
It's my birthday, and I'm better than ever.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Just watched "Orlando" for the first time since it was in the cinema in 1992. Really nice flick. Whatever it was about.
I want Tilda Swinton so bad my head hurts. She is one of those rare people who only have to look at you to give you a powerful feeling of somebody there. Tilda, call me.
Odd thing though: the one thing I remebered clearly from this movie was a big tree in a field, full of blossoms. Well, the tree was there, but there were no blossoms! I usually have a good memory for images. I must have dubbed it in.

Picture vs Subject

I am particularly pleased when I manage to make what I think is a good picture from a place where it is far from obvious that there is any subject at all. Viewpoint, perspective, composing, and cropping becomes paramount.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Big picture?

They say the devil is in the details. They also say that god is in the details.
My question is: who has the big picture?


Forty-two is, as you will be aware, the answer to Life, The Universe, And Everything.
I can believe it, since the past year for me has included many amazing changes, including the recovery of my photography and the discovery of EFT.
I just thought I'd mention it while I still had time, since on March 9 I'll be forty-three.

Yellow machine

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yellow, White, Blue

Sunday afternoon

Here is a shot from today from the pub/restaurant where I had a late lunch with a friend. You can see the late afternoon winter sun making a spot and my shadow on the wall.

And a shot from our street on the way home. It is a boring area, but if you photograph it right, it looks nice. :)
(Oh, the bushes on the right are where I took the "Black, White, and Red" picture a couple days ago.)