Friday, July 14, 2017

You can buy too cheaply

It is said that you can pay too much even for gold; but you can also pay too little, even for plastic.

 The people I bought my apartment from had clearly bought the very cheapest rods and rings for hanging their curtains. Flimsy crap which was tricky to make slide, and which simple started falling down in recent times. So now we are re-hanging the curtains with new stuff which is much better in every way, slides easily, metal rods, won't fall down.

 Somebody once said something like: "you can always make something a little cheaper and worse. And the person for whom price is all he sees, he is this maker's legal victim." And the thing is, these much better materials weren't even expensive at all. So to save five or ten bucks and then to suffer cheap crap for years on end is just silly.