Thursday, April 10, 2014

The best magnifier? Satechi Readmate

For some years I've been looking for a really good magnifier. But I didn't find much. This surprised me, there is usually some good products to find in any category, though sometimes one may have to pay more.
But now, thanks to, I found one I really like, the Satechi Readmate. It is a 5X magnifier with built-in LED lights.
It looks great, is very reasonably priced, it's optically better than anything else I've seen of the kind, and it's very practical to use.

Photo by MacObserver

(It seems not to be sold in Europe yet, I had to buy it from Amazon US. But it was swift and not too expensive, well worth it I thought.)

I'm also considering their combined desk lamp/magnifier 2X, which seems useful for small manual tasks and for reading paperbooks with fine print.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Dear River - Kina Grannis

I predict Kina Grannis will be a big success.
(Not a difficult prediction.)

I've always had a problem with beauty in her caliber. It attracts like hell, but it also hurts. Really hurts. Anybody else know this?
Maybe if I could fool myself, like most of us do, that "catching" her would be to catch the beauty and thus end the pain, but I can't.