Friday, August 01, 2014

"Onto My Love Rocket Climb"

[Thanks to Signalroom7]

Zlad: "Elektronik Supersonik"

"I is more stronger than Dearth Vapor!"

"Only that can stop us is flat tyre."

"I trust you have enjoyed this flight as much as you have enjoyed this accent."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If Cinderella Castle were real, how big would it be?

I've found a billion articles mentioning that the Cinderella Castle in Disney World is about 185 feet (60 meters) tall, and built with forced perspective so it looks bigger. But I simply couldn't find any answers, or even any questions or speculation about: if the castle was real, if humans had to live and work in it, how big would it have to be?
In other words, to what scale is it built? (On average, I guess, given the forced perspective.)
(I'm surprised so few people apparently think about that, it's one of the first things which springs to my mind.)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Rhema Marvanna sings Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (updated)

[Thanks to Signalroom7]

That song must be one of the most covered ever, by now. But it rarely gets as good as this.
I hope Rhema Marvanna does not get broken by the world (Amy Winehouse and all those). But some big measure of control in her voice and even face tells me, probably not. (Here she is live.)
Update: Rhema apparently stopped within a year or two after this, I don’t know why.)

Here is a very different version, but damn, is it good.
It must take a lot of discipline to play such an intense, slow song with such speed and energy and yet precision. I did not know SafetySuit, but I'll look closer.

DeltaCubed is right, we can't overlook KD Lang's version.

Apparently nobody but Leonard...

By the way, it's clearly a spiritual song, but it seems to me it's a love song. About broken love. Lo the lyrics.

I once posted another nice version (and an interesting comment.)
[Update: a good version from a young woman in a special situation.]