Saturday, June 07, 2014

Kewl Ukrainian pole dancer

One of the best pole dancer I’ve seen. Even the women love her, because it’s so skilled and athletic. 
And notice how she is sexy without being seductive or slimy, which is great. (Sex is associated with much guilt/shame, so it’s difficult to retain your innocence if you work in a related field.) 

Friday, June 06, 2014

Save the poor, troubled Super Bowl!

Apple Chips in $2M to Help Offset Tax Payer Super Bowl Expenses, post.

Apple, Google, and several other tech companies have chipped in US$2 million each to help defer taxpayer costs for Super Bowl 50, which will be hosted in San Jose. The contributions are part of a $40 million fund started by the Super Bowl Host Committee.

As a European, I am more than a little confused. How can the most successful sporting event in the world, with the highest ad prices anywhere, be *losing money*??
I'm serious, how the heck does this work? Can somebody explain?

And by the way, wouldn't two million from Apple be better spent going to a children's hospital or whatnot, instead of subsidising sports? Or maybe more exactly: why would the superbowl need taxpayer's money? If the fans don't care enough to keep it afloat, why save a commercial entertainment even with public money?

Danke Schoen, Ferris Bueller

What a great flick. I can't believe they didn't make a sequel.

Danke Schoen* is a great song. And Twist and Shout reminds me how great music is at rousing joy and fun.

*Though you'd think that if you're going to sing a major song with a title in a foreign language, you'd at least get a coach in to make sure you can pronounce it right. It seems a bit disrespectful not to. 

More proof censorship doesn't work

The of the Middle East is launching a “banned books” section to confound the censors, article.

In the four years since he launched Jamalon, an online bookseller for the Middle East, Ala Alsallal has been noticing something. “Any book sold in the Middle East normally becomes boosted when a government bans it—it becomes a best-seller,” he says.

The funny thing is that they have to be aware of that by now. But like stubborn four-year-olds, they just can't help themselves.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Teenage prayer, Crybaby, Amy Locane

This was for me the high spot of the Johnny Depp movie Crybaby.
(Sorry for the low image quality, it was the only version I found. Also, it's cut off, but in the movie it's only a few seconds longer, sadly.)

Funny enough she had another song (in an off-green dress) later, after she "went to the dark side", and I'd guess that one was meant to be the sexy one, but I found the white dress song to way more appealing, and funny enough way naughtier. There is nothing "innocent" about the way she moves!

In 1990, by the way, Johnny Deep was known mainly for his role in 21 Jump Street, and he could see himself "becoming a lunch box, and thereafter just vaporize" (Actors Studio). Both for Johnny and for director John Waters, Crybaby was a way of making fun of that teen idol image, helping Johnny to escape it. Johnny said the film was sent from heaven. He has always since then struggled against becoming a canned product for Hollywood, by for example refusing to become Leading Man in romances.

Monday, June 02, 2014