Saturday, June 07, 2014

Kewl Ukrainian pole dancer

One of the best pole dancer I’ve seen. Even the women love her, because it’s so skilled and athletic. 
And notice how she is sexy without being seductive or slimy, which is great. (Sex is associated with much guilt/shame, so it’s difficult to retain your innocence if you work in a related field.) 


Anonymous said...

If it's all about the athleticism, I suppose you'd get as much enjoyment out of seeing a man do it?

TC [Girl] said...

A lot more "athletic" than some of them that I have dropping from that high up; OW!! :-P

Sure would have been nice to have heard what they had to say to her...before and after...she didn't seem like too happy of a Camper either time (perhaps nerves.).

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

It seemed to me they were teasing her.
After the fact, they deliberately dragged it out whether or not she got to the finals, but I think she did, three "da"s, yeses.

TC [Girl] said...

Oh, yeah...I meant to mention that that was ALL that I understood; the "da's!" (yeses) LOL!! :-P She did seem pretty serious, in the beginning, though; I'm always curious to hear what "pre-judgements" judges have...especially loved to hear Simon's...when he was WAY off the mark!! That dude has become "soft" in his aging and fatherhood stages, though!! ;-)