Monday, September 26, 2016

Digital magazines

Before the millennium, was one of my first Mac sites/magazines I was reading, and it was delicious.
And funny enough, I'm feeling very nostalgic about the formatted, downloadable, fixed-layout magazines!  I remember putting a handful of them on my laptop and feeling cool about having virtual magazines on my machine when I  brought it out to have something to read over lunch or whereever. (Of course these days an iPad or other tablet makes virtual magazines much more portable, and flexible re how and where you read them.)

A magazine, having content with somewhat lasting value, is much harder to make than a news web site, which is what most of us are reading most of. We want to know what's new. Reading or writing more in-depth stuff demands much more of the reader.

Perhaps though, in the digital age, collecting loosely related articles into fixed packages is less relevant than in the world of paper, what do you think? (I use "Pocket" a lot for reading articles.)

But I still have pictures in my head of the old MyMac magazines... ah, there starts a new page... there starts a new article. Ah, a Beth Lock article, great...
(Oh, Nemo interviews a dude named Eolake Stobblehouse. Who's this joker?)

And I still love magazines, digital or not. And I'd like to make one, one day. It does not have to have fancy modern layout; in fact I think I may have liked the old MyMac magazine even better because of the very simple layout (demanded by the tech at the time).