Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Stewie and the women

I gotta tell this one. One time, I was in the hospital, and next to me was a man, let’s call him Steward, who was eighty years old if he was a day. Stewie had something that women liked, I don’t know what it was, he seemed ordinary to me (if quite pleasant), not tall or anything. But he shaved and washed every day, carefully combed his hair, and I’ve never seen anybody more popular with women. Eighty years old, and he was the only man I’ve ever seen nurses actually flirt with.

Stewie’s family, including his wife, visited him all the time. But he also got another visitor: a woman approaching ‘a certain age’, but still clearly a man’s woman. She was dark and exotic, long black curly hair, sexy and stylish dress... When she came in, she sort of posed by his bed for a minute, not saying anything, just smiling. It was somehow clear those two had a long history.

Now... how to tell this... at one point, during her visit, she got closer to him. She did not even close the curtains around the bed, but she got very close to him and... took him in hand, so to speak. Ahem. It took only a couple of minutes, and Stewie never got loud, but I think he got quite satisfied.
After, she pulled up his covers again, and threw out a paper towel and washed her hands.
Soon after, she left, with a little smile at me.