Friday, October 13, 2006

More comedy

I am a very big Comedy Connoisseur.
(It sounds better than "comedy junkie".)
I've posted recommendations before. Here are a few more:

My Name is Earl. Mild and positive, life-affirming and funny.

Green Wing. Season two of this hospital comedy is even better than the first season. Often roll-on-the-floor funny. (British show, seems not to have been released in the US yet.) Very bizarre, very daring.

Gilmore Girls. I regard it as a comedy. Of the highest order. A show that seems mainstream on the surface, but really is very unique.

The Boondocks. Pretty funny, pretty edgy comedy about black life in America. Rather uneven though, despite good production values. (Animation.)

Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hmm, I liked it for a while, but then got sick of it. Basically it consists of Larry David behaving like a complete asshole, and then not understanding why he has problems with people.

Featured comment from F. Identity:
"Surprised you aren't into either 'West Wing' or (the new Sorokin concoction, just move the cast and ideas to a night-time TV program's backstage) 'Studio 30'."

Oh, I didn't say I'm not, it is just not really a comedy, though it is often very funny. The West Wing (at least the first four seasons, while Sorkin was writing) was extremely brilliant. It says a lot about the show that it captured my attention despite my disdain for and lack of interest in politics.
I hadn't heard of Studio 30, but when it comes on DVD, I'm getting it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Speaking for Da Man

You know if I was a priest/minister/church official (of any one of most of the religions around the planet), I would really hope that either:
1: God does not in fact exist.
2: God actually did select me and my peers to speak for him on an exclusive basis like I'd been told and accepted as given.
3: God is a lot more forgiving than people are told.
Otherwise I'd worry about what would happen when he finds out we'd been going around telling people what to do in His name, and making money on it.

(Personally I think in fact no 3 seems likely, so they'll be all right. But I'm not the one going around claiming to speak for Him, so that's their own karma to resolve.)

Free photo mag

Here is a great photo magazine TONEPhoto, in PDF form, for free, can't beat that.

GT3 Hi-fi speakers

Remember my Design-E hi-fi speakers?
Here is a new and nice review of them.
(It is a large PDF file, 41MB. After you download it, scroll down to page 21.)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


"All successful newspapers are ceaselessly querulous and bellicose. They never defend anyone or anything if they can help it; if the job is forced on them, they tackle it by denouncing someone or something else."
-- H. L. Mencken

I always wondered about that. I don't read newspapers because they have the minds of toddlers and fish wives. They catch interest with controversy, but they never reward the interest with any useful information. They have no respect for people, no matter who. And they have only what little respect for truth is forced upon them by libel law suits.

One might think there would be a market for a positive, truthful, and informative newspaper. Perhaps it is more possible now with the web, which is not geography-limited.

Featured comment, by David G:
"Why direct your attack at newspapers, when the more popular TV news is so much worse?"

Good point.
I guess
1: maybe I expect more from print, I don't know.
2: TV news is so bad that it has literally been decades since I saw a minute of it, so I kinda forgot about it.

"Make Your Site Sell" e-book free

One of my best investments ever was Ken Evoy's "Make Your Site Sell" e-book. Reading and applying it made my sales on my commercial site jump over 50% and stay there.
And this e-book is now free.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Shining Earth

Since the late eighties, something has been happening to Earth, and it's accelerating.

Since then:
The sun's magnetic vibration started speeding up.
Crop circles started getting complex instead of just circles.
The World Wide Web was invented, sparking a true revolution in cheap and fast global communication and awareness.
Spiritual movements and studies are popping up everywhere.
Complex art is in a renaissance, for instance TV show are no longer a sub cultural artistic form.
The subtle energy fields of the body and the spirit have been discovered and are being studied, with important results in healing and personal development.
A small war like Iraq drew the biggest peace demonstrations ever seen on the planet, in many countries.
There is a rapidly expanding unwillingness to be put and stay put in small boxes.

I don't know where it's all leading, but it's going fast and it's going to be big.
Oh, and it's going to be good. It might not be painless getting there, but it'll be really, really good.

Update: Holy friggin' cow! Just reading the comments that this blog now generates is almost a full time job! :)
Not a chore though, I am extremely pleased with the interest, and with the quality of the writings.

Funny, the last line of the post above was an afterthought, after I remembered that my viewpoint on that is not universal... I didn't, but maybe should have, predict that it would be so contended.

Well... I believe that inside individuals right now is the same thing happening as is happening inside humanity as an entity: a war between awakening and sleep. A war between joy and fear. A war between creation and destruction.
This war is heating up. And whatever side you lean towards feels stronger than ever.

But there can't be destruction without creation. There can be creation without destruction. So I can only see one winner, creation.
Once there was nothing, now there's something.
And one day there will be Everything.

Reality will act like you feel. The more fear you feel, the more you will see to be afraid of. If you coach yourself to feel joy and peace, you will increasingly experience peace and joy. Partly what you perceive, which is prize enough. But even more so, it will affect what is actually happening around you, and to you.

This is not an instant journey by any means. But giving up is not an option, for everything is at stake, literally.

2nd update:
For a pleasant introduction for those curious about crop circles, I recommend the DVD "Crop Circles - Quest for Truth". In an easy and entertaining way, it introduces those factors which make me and others believe that crop circles is an interesting phenomenon.