Monday, November 28, 2005

Great comedy shows

I am a fan of many of the obvious shows (Keeping Up Appearances, Arrested Development), but maybe I should point out some good shows I have on DVD which I think more people should hear about.

Quirky comedy from Niagara Falls

The Tick
Great superhero comedy

Game On
Nice britcom, three young people in one apartment, the girl is nice.

Vicar of Dibley
Very cute britcom, from when female vicars were a novelty in the UK.

Black Books
Very funny British show of a curmudgeonly owner of a small bookstore and his friends. Again a fan of the girl, a very unusual face, but gorgeous.

Far out UK comedy of several friends. Full of wild ideas and parodies of movies. Great stuff.

League of Gentlemen
Another British phenomenon. Indescribably weird and wonderful.

Dead Like Me
A wonderful funny/deep show (US). Season one was excellent, and amazingly season two even surpassed it, to everybody's surprise. It is about people who, after they die, are recruited as "Grim Reapers", whose job it is to collect the souls of people just before they die. How do you make such a thing funny? Watch it and learn.

Greg The Bunny
Another one which is so seminal it is hard to compare. Really excellent.


Wonko outside the asylum said...

Included a couple of my favourites there Eolake; The Tick is just fabulous in every conceivable way, and Black Books was great too. The woman in Game On (not a show I enjoyed for its comedy value I have to say) was Samantha Janus, and she is just lovely. ;o)

Zeppellina said...

League of Gentlemen was one of my favourites.
It is such dark and surreal humour, that often I couldn`t believe they could get away with it, but they always did!

Hannah said...

Dead Like Me was absloutely amazing... I wish they hadn't cancelled it! I think I'll take a look at the others...