Saturday, December 03, 2005


You know the different terms for flock, like a "murder of crows", or a "gaggle of geese"...
Well, I coined a couple:
A "giggle of schoolgirls".
A "hassle of boys".
An "obstruction of pensioners".
A "distraction of stewardesses".


Zeppellina said...

These are so good, Eolake!

Very descriptive indeed!

You`ve got me thinking about this now!

Dragonsbane said...

How about a windbag of politicians?

Wonko outside the asylum said...

a Burberry of Chavs?
a Convention of Geeks?
a Malifuence of Lingerie?

Hannah said...

LOL! Very applicable to the described groups.

Anonymous said...

These are great, Eloake! How about a group for people like yourself?

"An impression of artist/philosophers"

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Ha, nice one.

Or "an atmosphere of impressionists."

Or "a hallucination of surrealists."