Friday, November 04, 2005

David Pogue again

Go to:
and click on
Video: David Pogue's Review of the New BlackBerry
I have been a fan (and I like to think a friend) of David's for nigh ten years*. He is the clearest and most entertaining tech writer I know, and for sure the funniest. When he started doing videos for the NYT site, it was clear that these talents translated well into moving pictures. I have told David that he is destined for TV. I know that if I was a network executive, I would be stumbling all over my furniture on my way to the phone to call him.
Hm... of course it would be bad for his international audience like me if he were to leave the NYT, for any TV show would surely not be shown outside the US.... Hey, TV executive: break a leg!

*I started reading his excellent Mac For Dummies a couple of weeks before I actually got my first Macintosh, in early 1996. How time streams.