Saturday, August 03, 2013

More effective earplugs

In continuation of this post, I bought the "Ultra" earplugs just for a laugh, because in this world, when they say New And Improved, it's usually not so much. (For example I recently tested Sony's "Clear Zoom" technology, stated to be closer to real optical zooming than just another digital zoom. Guess what it was much closer to? In fact barely distinguishable from? Yep: digital zoom.)

So last night a neighbor played music louder than usual, and I put in my usual plugs. But as it turned out, at this volume they could only handle most of it, not all of it. I was still distracted.

So I thought, hey, this is the perfect chance to test my new "Ultra" plugs. So I did. And lo and behold! They were better! Music... gone!
(In the spirit of my slightly OCD sense of accuracy, it was 99.5% gone. So, 'virtually gone', good enough for me.)

I also tested it with the indoor air con unit in my bedroom: same thing. The normal plugs had never been able to handle all of it. But the new ones: (virtually) gone! Way kewl.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

New M4/3 camera: Panasonic GX7

The numbering jump from 1 to (gasp) 7 indicates that Panasonic considers the Lumix GX7 more than a normal evolutionary upgrade. And they might be right, it certainly looks like a serious camera. I would call this a semi-pro camera at least.

Most importantly, for the first time for a M4/3 camera from Panasonic, it has in-body stabilization (IBIS)! Hallelujah! The lack of that (meaning prime lenses don't get stabilization) has been, in my eyes and many others, the main Achilles Heal for the Panasonics, which otherwise are excellent. But now you can use for example Olympus' wonderful 45mm or 70mm lenses, and have stabilization on a Panasonic body.

It's a bit bigger than the GX1, but with the added IBIS and now a tilting screen and a tilting viewfinder (a first!), I think that's justified, and while it may make it a not-pocket-camera, it makes for better handling when shooting for realsies. This is a real camera, not just a holiday camera.

I think it looks really nice too, maybe their best looking M4/3 ever.

I started with Panasonic when the M4/3 type cameras came out, because the Olympuses had slow autofocus. When Olympus got that fixed (and good!) I moved to them because they have in-body stabilization. And now both brands are up to snuff in all important areas, it's a tough choice!
But then you can mix and match like I said, for example use Panasonic, but take advantage of some of Olympus' top-notch prime lenses. Or use Olympus and take advantage of some of Panasonic's great zoom lenses, like their newly upgraded compact 14-140mm. It's all good.

Monday, July 29, 2013

"So this pretty young woman asked a man on the street"...

[Thanks to Maurice.]

I can't get over the first guy, calling the police! "This is a very serious offence... this is not, uh, China..."

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another antique typewriter

My pal Mikhail photographed this nice tw.

Apropos. Big band music

It's funny: I'm sure that many fans of big band music find rock music to be loud and pushy. But I like rock, even very hard rock, and I find big band music to be loud and pushy!

Heck, it doesn't really have to be a very big band. Just a brass band. Like the one David Letterman has. I once was at an event where they had a band like that. They didn't even have any amplification, I think, but man, were they LOUD. I just had to leave.

I was reminded of this because a friend is a fan of it and sent me the song below. I listened to the nice melody and the subtle trumpet playing, and thought this is nice, can't believe I'm saying about a big band piece. ... And then! at 1.15: Noise! All the brass and drums come into play at once to traumatize us into submission.

To those who like it: good for you, and blessings.

Bert said:

Just stumbled on this news bit:
"stroke patient developed a rare neurological condition that leaves him lifted to ecstasy by the sound of brass instruments"
Looks like anything can happen in this world. Read the whole story here.