Saturday, July 07, 2012

OJ in tea

Some people like milk in their tea, some like lemon juice. But you can't use both, the milk will curdle.
But I've discovered that you can combine orange juice with milk in the tea. Just a surprisingly small amount will do it, like one or two tea-spoon-fulls, but it is really delicious. It really adds some lift and freshness to it.
It may make a difference if you use the normal stuff made from concentrate, or the fancy "fresh" OJ.

Rancher's car

[Thanks to Cap Kirk]

... Well, here's a bit of a change from the super-aesthetic cars we sometimes enjoy around here...

Friday, July 06, 2012

Anna Faris in Just Friends

Anna Faris in Just Friends.

I love Anna. I've seen her in everything I could find, and it's all good.
(... Uhm, with a few possible exceptions, like Brokeback Mountain. I don't think I even made it through to the parts she were in. A drama/romance with two guys? Two cowboys? That's a worse idea than Titanic.)

I also recently saw her in Observe And Report, which is one of those modern comedies where they try to push all the gag levels (as in "I almost gagged when I watched that") to the max. But it was funny, if you can stomach it. (Wow, prices on DVDs have dropped! This one is $3.61 on Amazon right now. I wonder if that's because of blu-ray?)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Stiglitz says 'Send Bankers to Jail'

Stiglitz says 'Send Bankers to Jail', article.

Nobel Prize winner and former World Bank economist Joseph Stiglitz  [...]  argued (with Barclay's as just the most recent example) that bankers -- without threat of prosecution or jail time -- would continue to use their elevated status to exploit weak regulations, consolidate power, and avoid accountability.

Owl love

We seem to have a trend of owl pictures here. Heck, why not, owls are great. (I've even written a couple of stories about one, Domald the Domai mascot.)

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Orange flowers

A reader (I've sadly lost track of who) posted this photo somewhere, and it struck me how you can get many small composition from amongst the larger one.


Notice all the lines and patters, and the little curl in the dark area in the middle.

Bury the art

Bert found this cool article about sculptures which get buried, for various reasons. Some of it because they are actually coffins. I do like some of the coffin maker's work. Bold, strong colors and form.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Blood is popular

It's at least five years ago since I began thinking that Apple could not get bigger now. And it is much longer since I started thinking the same about vampire books and movies. And they keep proving me wrong. So confusing.

[Via Boingboing]

That is a funny poster though, and excellent art. I'm guessing it's based on an old milk ad or summin'.