Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lives and movies

Somebody asked me: "if your life was a movie, would you watch it?" And it sounds like a good admonition to live an interesting life. But after thinking about it a little, I realized that I want to live a life which is interesting for me to live, not one which would be interesting for somebody else to watch.

Age and doing things

On a mailing list I am on, a man at seventy was wondering if he wasn't too old to start training. A list member wrote something inspiring, Jocie said:
Just 2 nights ago we saw a little old lady on TV. I think she should be an inspiration to everyone, whatever their age.

She had a heart bypass operation last year, enough to stop most elderly people. But not this lady. She catches public transport and walks considerable distances to get to the hospital where she works (voluntary work). She does the filing (lifting heavy patient files effortlessly!), pushes trolleys full of heavy files from one department in the hospital to another, talks to the patients, cheering them up. All in all, a very physically demanding job.

‘So what!’ you say, lots of people in their 70s do that. But this lady is 104 !!!! and didn’t look a day over 75 !!!

Age is what you make of it. Many new retirees start new businesses, some of them very demanding, physically and mentally. It keeps them young, in heart, mind and body.

It seems to me that you are only as old as you allow yourself to be. If you want to give up and be an old man at 70, then you will be. I knew a man who died at 64 and looked 94. He gave up in his 50’s. Life was too hard for him and it was easier to be an invalid. Another friend (late 70s) has had heart bypass surgery but still manages to put on the best Christmas Lights show in his city, every year, all supported by his hand welded steel frames that he drags up onto his roof every year. It keeps him busy all year and it keeps him young. We all know examples of people at both extremes, those who give up far too early, and those who keep themselves young into very old age.

Without something to do, elderly people feel sorry for themselves and ‘take it easy’. The moment you start taking it easy, you are giving in to age, and you start to age, you start to slow down. This becomes a vicious circle and before you know it, you’ve stopped completely, all because you started slowing down.

So, you have a choice, you can do what you want to do. The secret is to find out what you really want to do, then do it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Living for today

"I do believe in living each day like it was my last. That's why I never have any clean clothes, for honestly, who bothers to do laundry on your last day?"

Translated from Danish, apparently written by a school kid.
I think it is hilarious. And it exposes the fallacy of that adage. If you live each day as if it were you last, you'll never get anything done for the long term.

I think the best way is to spend time working for the future, and spend time enjoying the now.

Emotional Freedom Technique

I think this will be my best year so far. One of the reasons is Emotional Freedom Technique.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Round Tower

I have been asked about the Tower in the photo collection below. It is the famous Round Tower built by the triple-famous King Christian IV.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The End is Nigh

Tamarrah I get up at five and fly home. Short and sweet vacation. When the end is good, everything is good.

Danish women

I'd almost forgotten about Danish women. Just in the restaurant/cafe/bar here in the hotel are working at least five Danish girls who I find heart-breakingly wonderful.