Thursday, June 02, 2016

Just a little mock-up

WI-FI Connection
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  • Homenetwork45890368304
  • Honewetworks2234986904
  • Coneheadcorks00775456
  • MaximizeContact81
  • Johnsprivateworld
  • LeonardSheldon9
  • TimeFliesLikeAnArrow
  • FruitFliesLikeABanana
  • WideWideWorldOfWeb
  • HomeIsWhereYouHangYourHat2001

The Bucket Redemption

There was an old maid from Nantucket
Who liked to wee in a bucket
"My bathroom was good
"With walls made of wood
"But when I got rich I thought fokkit"

 -- Stobblehouse

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Nerds and TBBT

I was wondering why The Big Bang Theory is such a huge hit. Oh yes, it's brilliant, but so was Arrested Development and that only survived for two seasons.

But I think I figured it out: all the millions of nerds in the public like that the show makes fun of people who don't understand nerds. And all the rest likes that it makes fun of nerds.