Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Canon full-frame cameras

Both these cameras have amazing low-light quality. The less expensive 6D is even slightly better! You can get well-usable images at 25,000 ISO! This is two stops more than last generation, it's outstanding. (The newest Nikons are about the same, I believe. Hang them both for not having in-body stabilization though.)

I think this guy in the video review makes good points I agree with: The 6D doesn't have sports-shooter speed autofocus and is slightly less pro-rugged, but it's 200 grams lighter, it's currently over a thousand dollars less and has the same image quality!

(It's also the most bland-looking camera ever. It seems like Canon is determined to make it look like there are never any changes in their cameras! The new Nikons are kewler looking, at least a notch. There are some lines built into them.)


 Ken said...
It would be interesting to take some photos with the various cameras, blow them up to A3 prints and see if anyone can actually pick the difference.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...
At low ISO, it is often seen that people can't tell the difference even when a (good) pocket camera is involved, even on A3 prints (12x16"). Over five years ago I made perfect A3 prints from Canon compact cameras. (They may even have been A2 prints.)

But in very low light, the full-frame cameras blow away the small ones.
Though I'd bet it'd be difficult to tell the difference between the various full-frame models and brands in prints.

(Also with full frame, the depth of field is much narrower, which can be good or bad according to situation and desires.)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Western prawn stars

I can't believe that many porn stars still look like this. For the life of me, I can't see the attraction. I don't think there's an inch of natural skin to be seen.

Below, examples of prawn acting.
(Seems you have to be signed into YouTube to watch it. (But there's no actual prawn in it.))

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Doonesbury characters

A big chart of the characters in Doonesbury and their connections. PDF file.

Below is a JPG, but you need the file above to be able to read it.

... This is obviously for Doonesbury fans, but I think pretty much anybody who like satirical cartoons should read Doonesbury, particularly in collections. It is not for really casual readers, but it pays off in spades, while often subtle, the humor is sometimes of the highest class.
(BTW, the newest collection in Kindle format, is high-res and in color, grand for use on iPad or Kindle Fire HD.)

BTW, I have written to the Kindle team and suggested an extra kink in the programming for Kindle comic strip books. They've made it so you can see a strip in full screen by double tapping on it. This is great for middle-aged eyes, and the scanning is really high quality. But then you have to close it and double tap on the next strip to go forward. I've asked them to enable simply tapping on the right of a full-screen strip in order to go to the next strip, this seems to me to be the most helpful and natural way to read them.

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