Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake

Talking about athletic dancers...

It's incredible what the Chinese can do with their bodies. I guess part of it is that they tend to train six hours a day since their previous owner. LOL. Dictation technology, sorry. I actually said "since they are three years old."

I doubt I would like to have a woman standing on tippietoe on my head or my shoulder. Neither metaphorically nor literally.


Tommy said...

Ouch that has got to hurt!!! I hurt from just watching that.

Absolutely amazing, but as you say EO, I don't think I'd like those toes standing on my shoulders, let alone my head!!

Donald R Laster Jr said...

Excellent performance.

I did notice the spotter who stayed in the background during the last portion. But that, in some ways, made the performance even better.