Tuesday, June 10, 2014

All hail the mighty weather gods

Man, I find it difficult to get used to hailstorms in June. Right now we have little lumps of ice falling from the sky, while I still have the air conditioning on! That is just cwaaaazy.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you get hold of a basic meteorological text. The weather machine is largely driven by heat and moisture so large thunderstorms are a natural consequence. Hence, there is a scientific concern that a warmer planet will result in more violent weather. Also, the ability of the air to hold moisture is a highly non-linear function of temperature, c.f. the ability of large storms in the central USA to generate huge and very damaging hailstones.

Ken said...

I agree with Anonymous (must be a different Anonymous than the usual), and it all has to do with energy moving the water vapour to higher altitudes. America's major hail storms are almost all in summer.

CalgaryMark said...

But Eo is in the NW UK where thunderstorms and especially hail are (or were) rare. Agreed, it is probably a sign of climate change that these events are more frequent and severe. :-(