Monday, September 08, 2008

Margaret Cho

"I slept with this woman on the ship. And I went through this whole thing; am I gay?! Am I straight?! And I realized: I'm just slutty.
Where's my parade?"
- Margaret Cho


Anonymous said...

Margaret Cho is one of the most obnoxious 'comediennes' in the world. This triple chinned 'can't do anything else' stage prop should be dropped in Shanghai. From 10,000 feet.

She's not funny and if it wouldn't be for the 'laugh track' and/or the intoxed audience at her performances, nobody would laugh.

She's proof that the thinking of the Sheeple can be modified by pure media hype.

Anonymous said...

The Sheeple at her (and many other's) stage appearances are REQUIRED to find everything she says funny. Required why?, you ask?

Because they can't think for themselves, because they paid for the ticket to the show, the dinner before the show, the drinks prior to that, and also for the mayonnaise blast with their date after the show.

Sheeple engineering - controlled through public opinion. Oh, who would dare find this OINK unfunny in the midst of 50 people who are told that she IS funny?

Anonymous said...

You need to get laid.