Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PR words

Isn't it funny how easily duped we all are by promotions? Take for instance this Sony A900 advertisement. It tells us that the camera has "Bionz". And just like it is with the new Canon 50D having "Digic 4", we have to assume that this means something to the guys who designed the camera, because it sure as heck does not mean anything to the rest of us.
But: they tell it to us anyway, and it a proud tone, because when we see it, we think: "ah, they are very proud of this. That means there must be something to be proud of. Gotta git me some of that".


Anonymous said...

Yes, Eolake - all the manufacturers with logos do that - Shell/HP/DELL/NIKON/Samsung etc. They even have bottled drinking water on the shelves here in the USA with the label reading: No Cholesterol, Zero Sodium.

Ah, the public likes that! The stupid, stupid public. There's a term for that...


Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, I've noticed that the products which are 90% fat are advertised as "low in carbs" and vice versa. Funny.