Friday, September 12, 2008


Timo points to this hacked eeePC running Mac OSX.
Interesting, but it's likely a rather technical hack, and likely to stay so for the while.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind using a "hack" if it works. You could argue that most of computing is a hack.

But I read from the comments that on the SSD version, OS X can take up to seven minutes to boot. Using the 1000H model, containing an 80GB hard disk, reportedly solves this problem but it, in my opinion, then kind of defeats the idea of a lightweight solid state ultraportable.

Interestingly, this demonstrates in a very concrete way the performance differences between OS X and GNU/Linux, the latter of which is the native OS of the eeePC and boots fast even on the SSD version.

So, as Eolake says, running OS X on the eeePC is probably not a very practical idea yet.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

"I don't mind using a "hack" if it works."

You wouldn't, but I'm allergic to getting my hands dirty. :-)

Anonymous said...

I was reading about a similar hack with a lightweight Wind PC the other day.

I'd like to see Apple announce a light notebook with a 10 inch screen at MacWorld in January.

Cliff Prince said...

Oooooh I like that little eeePC. Anyone know anything more about it?

I'm really really close to replacing (or enhancing) this laptop (H/Dell Inspiron 6000) with a Lenovo Thinkpad X61. The Lenovo is tiny (and I'll pay extra for the smallness) and has the little rubber-eraser thing in the middle of the keyboard, rather than a danged track-pad. I hate track-pads. That seems to be the deal-maker right now.

Anonymous said...

"Oooooh I like that little eeePC. Anyone know anything more about it?"

Apparently they are selling like hot cakes. Manufactured by Asus it is very small, lightweight and costs less than $400. It seems they are shooting themselves in the foot, though, as the latest top of the line models feature Windows instead of Linux, and a hard disk instead of SSD. Both make the device less reliable, less usable, and shorter in battery life. Plus the multitude of models will only confuse the buyers.

The sweet spot appears to be the 900 model with 16G SSD that sells for $349.99 on It weights 2.2 pounds and has Wi-Fi.