Thursday, September 11, 2008

From seven years ago

I wrote this on the day after 9/11.

September 12th, 2001

Hoping For Calm Minds
by Eolake Stobblehouse

The total destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City yesterday is the most shocking disaster in most people's memory.

Words truly fail.

One thing is crucial, though: While even my thoughts (and I am a peaceful individual) turned to revenge (or at least to Justice, which often looks deceptively like revenge) when I learned about it, we need to keep our cool.

There are forces on this planet who would like nothing better than for martial law to rule, and for war to become prevalent. This is not a good idea. In other words, if people, especially politicians and other opinion leaders, lose their heads and start clamouring for violent actions on a big scale, speak against it. Even if they find the responsible parties with any kind of certainty (which is very unlikely), the real responsible people will be a smallish group of individuals, living amongst thousands of innocent people who had nothing to do with it.

Besides, whether we like it or not, nothing we can do, nothing at all, can make something like that right again.

Yours, Eolake


Anonymous said...

Right on the money.

Thus began the "War on Terror", which has been just as effective, costly, and useful as the War on Drugs. 9/11 gave George W. Bush an excuse to invade Iraq ("They tried to kill my Daddy."), which had been planned before he even took office.

And with Iraq finally telling the US to leave, the US is now going to put more and more troops into Afghanistan, just like the Soviets did, and very likely achieving the same humiliating result.

US traffic fatalities were 41,029 last year. That means that the US has almost 14 times the fatalities of 9/11 -- each year. US military deaths in Iraq exceeded 9/11 in 2006, and we are still there. There were 32,436 firearms related deaths in the US in 1997, almost 11 times the number of deaths from 9/11.

Yet 9/11 is still there, having basically bankrupted the US, far beyond the damage that the plotters could have imagined.

So instead of Sarah Palin for Vice President, maybe we should nominate Eolake. And pray for a myocardial infarcation.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wise words.

Anonymous said...

The only place you missed was your contention that we would not find out who was responsible. I think we know that, but we have given their top tier a pass so far. We in the US are continually at war because it is so damned profitable for the politically connected elite. You and I will always be called "symps" or unpatriotic because we dare to disagree with the propaganda put out by the fascists and nationalists. I shuddered when W said that we wouldn't stop until we rooted out the last terrorist. Since anyone not supporting his agenda is a terrorist, that will likely be a permanent declaration of war.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I remember reading that. I've learned much in the last seven years... and it's in part your fault, mister Stobblehouse! ;-)

"They tried to kill my Daddy."
LOL! Sorry, I really apologize, it's not supposed to be funny... but I couldn't help it.
He's like the Joker, that guy: one prefers when he's just amusing, and isn't using a big weapon.

Speaking of firearms related deaths in the US... No later than yesterday, I bought the DVD of Bowling for Columbine. An official one. Sure, I could probably find a bootleg version 4 to 6 times cheaper nearly everywhere in Lebanon, but I feel Mike Moore deserves supporting for his informational endeavour, no matter how imperfect sometimes. (Besides, an original priced at $13, 'twas a great bargain.)

Alas, I predict that, with Palin, McCain has found himself a winning ticket. I had predicted his victory in January (see my blog and the update), and it seems already confirmed. The american public loves an outrageous crowd pleaser. They voted for Bush Jr because they knew the moronic ex-drunk would make them laugh by constantly tripping on his own balls with both feet in his mouth. Now, with Mrs "do as I say don't do as I do, or I'll bite your butt 'cause I'm a canine barracuda with lipstick", it seems clear that the Barracuda Mamma will win over the Barrack Obama in the caucus race. Squawk! Who wants a sugared almond? Alice, stand up straight, young lady!

Mark my words: if Obama wants to win, he needs to think like a showman, act like a showman, captivate the crowds with some fun gimmick. Remember actors Reagan, Schwarzenegger... heck, remember Clinton's very metaphoric sax-o-phone!
If there are any Democrat supporters reading this, please hurry and pass the word. It IS a popularity contest, first and foremost. Exactly like running for class President. Ya gotta grab all those eyeballs with a magnet.
History has taught us at least that. No amount or reliable and vital competence is sufficient. Not in the modern nation of panem et circences. Not in the country where BinLaden can con a clear majority to re-elect the worst President the civilized world has ever seen BP (Before Palin).

I have a double frightening vision:
John McCain as a very plausible candidate for a cholesterol-loaded heart attack after his victory.
And the Queen of Hearts in power when Al Qaeda strikes next, on June 11th 2010. Because they WILL strike at that date. I've predicted it in January. I've known it since Casablanca on 12/11/07.

You know what? I think Obama needs to hire Jerry Springer as a public image counselor ON THE DOUBLE.
Sure, he shouldn't try to tap-dance if that's "not him". But Obama has a way with words. He can find his own winning gimmick. Really, Barrack baby, the future of the world depends on how cleverly you do this gig. Al Gore lost because he didn't know how to captivate the entertainment-hungry crowds. John Kerry was also waaaay too serious. Bill Clinton may very well have won BECAUSE he couldn't keep his zipper closed. Any buzz is good buzz. (Okay, not if your name's O.J. Simpson...)

What Obama needs besides finding his gimmick, is to remind ALL the Americans --especially the Republican voters-- how and why they've been betrayed for 7 years, and how and why the encrusted gumpy grampa will have no choice and no interest but to keep doing the same kind of mess with the same kind of corrupt people. Preferably remind them with finely chiseled sarcasm.
(Here's an impromptu example suggestion: "Bush claims to have repented from drinking, but he's spent seven years drunk on power", and making you, the people, pay the bill for his vice. Time to kick him out, and ALL his no good friends with him! Let's clean White House!")

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I meant to type grumpy grampa.
But it didn't turn out that bad anyway... ;-P