Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New iPods

Apple introduced new iPod models today, and iTunes 8. Included is "Genius", software which builds song list recommendations based on reviews/comparisons by yourself and by iTunes users.
And finally some cool iPod Nano colors. I thought they had been pretty lame so far, considering the potential. (Must be a bit of an inventory nightmare with this many colors, though.) I need a purple, a green, a yellow, and an orange. (I wonder if they will sell the whole set at a discount. They really should.)
Intro video here.

Hmmm, both the front and the back is curved. I wonder if that will make it less practical for my favorite use: on the top of my dresser, for reading audiobooks in bed.

TV ad here. If it had been me, I would have made it just like the great "She Comes In Colors" iMac ad from ten years ago. Although I admit I think this ad is really beautiful.

Update: Steve Jobs' speech has just been posted.
... Just watching it... it is just stunning how much streaming QuickTime video has improved. When it was fresh a few years ago, the picture was thumbnail sized, and froze all the time. What I get now, due to improvements in both bandwidth and compression, is TV quality. Great.

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