Thursday, June 17, 2010

A DOMAI comic book

The first DOMAI comic book (12 pages) has come out:
Mu Mu Pi. (PDF file. Good on iPad.)


TC [Girl] said...

CONGRATS, Eo! Looking forward to reading through it!

Robb in Houston said...

I liked it! Wish I could draw, but I'm only a photographer.

Nice job, Eolake!

Anonymous said...

And not even any good at that, I bet.

TC [Girl] said...

Robb in Houston said...
"...but I'm only a photographer."

Can you confirm this, Buddy?! ;-) (as in: do you have a website for us to SEE your pics? :-)

Oh...this is way too good to not share: captcha: "unpoo"!! lol!! NO SHIT!! (seriously! ROFLMAO!!)

Robb in Houston said...

Anonymous - I can see why you stay anonymous. If you didn't, you'd look like that car that Bonnie & Clyde perished in.

And yes - I'm good at photog - been doing it since 1974. And YOUR anonymous skills and accomplishments are.............?

I can think of another word that can be used to describe you, Anonymous. It also starts with the letter 'A'.

Usually abbreviated as AH.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"Mu Mu Pi"? The name and widely grinning cuties feel like some popular Japanese series!
Um... no, wait: I think I'm getting mixed up with Mew Mew Power! (^_^)

Anyway, nice cutesy story there. Sweet innocent merry nekkid fun, the girls are individualized in character as well as in face and body, AND it slips in a positive message. I say "more!".

Never heard of photo-novels? Try shooting live nekkid babes and then adding speech bubbles. This might prove interesing! :-)

"Unpoo"? May I suggest a fiber-rich diet to solve that problem? :-D

"If you didn't, you'd look like that car that Bonnie & Clyde perished in."
Hey, I've scene that seen! (Weight, that doesn't sound quiet rite.)

"And YOUR anonymous skills and accomplishments are.............?"
Haven't you heard? R.A.F. here has been con-trolling under e-bridges for YEARS now. She's an official, world-class expert lurkeress and master pain-inflicting Dominatrix! "My friends, love slaves and boy-toys may call me... Barbarella the Cone Hun! (Because of my geometric metal bra.)"
Not to be Konfused with Conhard der Barbarellian, ya?

"Usually abbreviated as AH."
Um... is it "Ah-Ha!"?
"Anonymous Humor"?
"Actual Hoax"?
"Adenoid Hynkel"?
"Already Here"?
"Axle Horse"?
"Ace Hold"? (No, that one's only used in poker.)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

How about a more apt sorority name, like Delta Omega Mu Alpha Iota? (~_^)

My word V: "coment"! I kid you not!!!

Robb in Houston said...

Pascal: good idea. I'll use real images of people in the street and add speech bubbles.

Will work on that.
My word here right now is noness.

Joe said...

Liked the story line. Noticed once you start reading you don't notice that the characters are nude.

What happened to the "energy machine"?
Did it consume itself or is it still growing.

Just looked outside and it's power has not reached here yet.

Looks like a continuing story. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Usually abbreviated as AH.

It's been quite a while since that became one word, Robb. You are this blog's resident Forrest Gump, though, so I wouldn't expect you to know that.

Have you ever excelled at anything? Of course not.

As for being anonymous, haven't created an account yet. You're effectively anonymous yourself. I could post as "Robb in Houston" as could anyone else.

Anonymous said...

So are we, clearly.

(Or is that "psycophants"?... I'll have to ask another one of the voies echoing in my head.)