Friday, July 02, 2010

Phone debate

Warning: lots of swear words in the video. Faintly amusing. Sort of.

It seems to me that this salesman, apart from being rude, can't distinguish between quantity of features and quality of features. For example, what matters it if a phone can do video chat over 3G if you can't get it to work most of the time and the quality is awful?

Actually I think that's the basic split between Apple lovers and Apple haters: the latter can't perceive differences in quality, they can only perceive differences in numbers.

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AnotherAnonymous said...

As usual, you miss the point entirely.
It's intended as a satirical look at a stereotypical Apple user, specifically this time someone who wants an iPhone regardless of whether or not there is another product available that is apparently / obviously better.
It manifests itself as an extremely 'blinkered' viewpoint complicted by apparent blindness towards any non-Apple product.

Still, I suppose that there will always be a place in life for those with the tendancy to follow others rather than exhibit independant thought?
Sheep appear to display the same behaviour and intellect!