Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Low Will E-Reader Prices Go? (updated)

How Low Will E-Reader Prices Go?, article.
A small manufacturer already plans to introduce a $99 device this fall. Copia, a subsidiary of DMC Worldwide, is set to offer a $99, 5-inch color e-reader...

This might be getting interesting. Ebook readers could really take off in the next year or two.

A five-inch screen is an interesting choice. My immediate feeling is that less than the Kindle's six-inch screen is a bad idea, but then this gadget should be a very handy size, and already many people are quite happy reading on their smartphones, for pete's sake, so...

Microsoft is very keen to compete with the iPad. This is great.
And Steve Ballmer makes a good point when he says "one size does not fit all", and there are space for many specialized tablets. I agree. A six-inch light-weight iPad (or similarly good tablet) would be great. And also a 13-inch model, if it can be made not too heavy.

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Bruce said...

You can buy a small Android based pad for $150.00 from Walmart - almost. At least they will give you a rain check. Details here:

Manufacturer page here: