Thursday, July 29, 2010

DC Comics app

I am trying out the new DC Comics app for iPad. It is basically the same app as the Marvel Comics app, which again is the same app as the "Comics" app from Comixology. And it's a good app. It has (like Panelfly) automatic transfer from panel to panel, although fortunately you can also view whole pages and zoom in and out as you like.

It has very little content as yet, just a handful of book per most of the most popular titles, like 8 Batman issues, and just one Superman issue (though it has 22 of the Superman/Batman issues, and six of the All Star Superman). And none of the Batman And Robin title from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, I was looking forward to that after reading a sample in the SSDC Sampler (or something like that, some convention). I liked Morrison's and Quitely's older works, like Flex Mentallo and All Star Superman, they were exceptionally original.

An odd thing is that the app for some reason has a 500MB storage limit, about 40 books or so, after that you have to start deleting your comics! Whak??! How do they expect this to be an option for serious readers/collectors? I've barely started buying online comics yet, and I've almost used up half my space! And there is no visible option to offload the books to a computer. If this is not a decision forced by the hardware, then it's very strange.

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