Monday, July 26, 2010


This is the coolest idea for an iPad stand ever. Makes the iPad look like an iMac. Match your apple machines across your home...

It's not the most compact one for traveling, but for home use I think we've been in want of a stand which lifted the iPad a ways off the table for a better viewing height. In fact I think we could use a double-height one also, if we are to follow the experts' advice on not craning our neck when computing. I think this is relevant for reading as well as video watching, and writing with a keyboard. OK, stability may become an issue, since it's a touch screen and you don't want to knock it over accidentally when hitting a button.

It even looks  pretty good from the back, I think. 
Ah, I just figured out why the name Hexapose: it has three angles of tilt and two angles of orientation, giving six options in all. 


KC Aussie said...

That does look very clever, but I wonder how much you can press on the screen without being concerned that it might fall over?

I specifically bought two different stands ... The Stabile iPad Stand ( to support my iPad where it lives during the work day, and a portable Compass Stand ( for everywhere else (my iPad follows me around the house, to houses of friends, etc).

Love the Stabile stand as it is rock solid. Plus it works with my iPad in a case; looks like the Hexapose is designed for case-less iPads.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, and only that, I think.
It's an issue with the whole... fauna of skins, cases, stands, whatnot: you usually can't use two of them at once.

Philocalist said...

C'mon ... am I the only person to notice?:-)

'it has three angles of tilt and two angles of orientation, giving six options in all. '