Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I'm using twitter still, to promote my sites when I remember so, and to pick up some links when I'm out. But I don't think I'll ever love it.

It makes me stressed and jittery. Like running around at a party and trying to follow 30 conversations at once... what if somebody says something interesting while I'm not there!!... OMG, must move on, must move on, must move on... With the result that I never have the time to process anything and actually get the benefit from it.


Cristina Rodguez said...

I like to think of Twitter as a friendly bar. You go in, spend sometime with friends (or not), and leave when it's your call home. Whatever goes on in the bar while you're not there, well... you just were not there. Don't try to catch up on everything. It's not that important, probably.

Leo Babauta (zenhabits) described it as a stream; just let it run.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, that's obviously what you *have* to do to survive. But I don't find it easy. And I suspect that this perpetual-stream quality of it is very addictive to many.

TC [Girl] said...
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Jan said...

How I deal with it:
- I subscribe by rss to everyone I follow. That way I can review what everyone wrote when I have time
- I'm running Trillian Astra on my PC and it shows me in near real time when a friend posts something to Twitter or Facebook. If I see it, fine, if I miss it, that's fine too.

Jan said...

Why I use RSS: I spend much of my day in Google Reader anyway.

Jes said...

Personally, I don't see why Twitter's such a big deal. Granted, I've never taken the time to experience it, but it just sounds pointless to me. People just type some short statement about whatever they happen to be doing? This is something people get addicted to?

But I have to admit, I'm a very low-tech person by today's standards.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

"People just type some short statement about whatever they happen to be doing?"

No, this was Twitter's mistake, of putting that line there. And that is indeed very boring.
What one should tweet about is what one is *thinking*.

My issue is that most of my thoughts, either because I have a big head, or because I have a confused one, are too big to fit in 146 characters or whatever the number is.

What it's good for is quick links to interesting things one find on the web.

Jes said...

"What it's good for is quick links to interesting things one find on the web."

Okay, I can see how it'd be useful for stuff like that. I agree with what else you said, too. How does anyone say anything interesting in 140 characters unless it's just a goofy joke or something?