Sunday, April 04, 2010

Magazines and "issues"

Back ten years ago, used to send out a PDF magazine. A closed issue with illustrations, articles, and so on. And I'm realizing I miss it. They have an active web site, now, lots to read, but it's not the same. With a "magazine issue" I felt that I had "something". I felt, "ah, issue 124 of MyMac is out now, now I have something to read over lunch, and I'd put it in my laptop and read it over lunch, seeing what my favorite authors such as Nemo, Beth Lock, and Tim Robertson had to say this month.

Here's a sample issue from 1996, which has been sitting on my computer in a folder named "reading" for over a decade! For one thing it's fun to read about "waiting for Copland", the huge Mac OS system which never arrived, and stuff like that. But also it's noteworthy that while the layout was simple and direct as it had to be, this is definitely a real magazine. There are many articles, and they are full articles and of good quality.
(I was interviewed in 1999 in issue 51. Though I can't find the PDF version, the interview is still online.)

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