Monday, August 23, 2010

Mizu Shell iPad sleeve and MacAlly BookStand

I've been in denial about my iPad case addiction, but I went for a walk today, and what do you think I came home with? Two new iPad cases, is what.

The Mizu Shell is great. In the store it had a clear color and was called Morfica Hard Silicone Shell, but it seems it's the same product. (I like the clear one best, I wonder why it's not on their site.)
I've had two prior rubber shells, but they have failed, they sort of slip off on the side while you hold the pad. But this one is just the right mix of flexible, soft, and strong/hard, and it sits on the iPad like they a welded together, it's beautiful. And it makes the holding more comfortable, and protects as well as a thin casing can. It does not *look* like anything much, but it really feels great in the hands because it has great friction, you don't need the hard grip you need on a bare iPad. In short it makes you feel more confident about holding the thing.

The other one is MacAlly (It's Mac-Ally, not Ma-Cally like everybody says. It's an ally to the Mac, see.) Bookstand. It looks great and functions well, only question is if it'll last. This review says it all:

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