Friday, August 27, 2010

The big dog

[Thanks to Mark]

One day you will no longer be the big dog...
just the old dog....
and it's nice to be surrounded by friends.


TC [Girl] said...

Had to laugh at this one, yesterday; wondering if he'll be taking care of his owner, when he gets old! lol!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Cute. :-)

My old cat is sleeping over my tibias right now as I blog with my Netbook. (^_^) Nearing his 15th birthday, and still a regular Attila to mice and rats, roaming the neighborhood all day long!
And a self-cleaning, auto-maintenance, ever-warm thermostat water bottle in winter nights. This is one feline who knows where his friends are. ;-)
(Either that, or he knows where to find his "warm-blooded furniture".)

Fave spot in the house: half-melted like a wet mop over my shoulder. "Hey, you got a nice view from up here!" :-D