Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A li'll Cadillac joke

A man and his wife were driving from New York to California.

Looking at his fuel gauge, the man decided he'd better fill up. Exiting the highway and passing through a small southern town, he pulled into the local service station.

"What can I do for y'all?" the attendant asked.

"Fill it up with supreme," the man instructed.

While the attendant was filling the tank, he looked the car up, down and sideways. "What kind of car is this here?" he asked. "I never seen one like it before."

"It's a Cadillac. It's brand new," the driver said proudly. "It has power steering, power seats, power sun roof, power mirrors, AM/FM radio with a CD player, an 8-speaker stereo, rack and pinion steering, disk brakes, leather interior, digital instruments, and a DVD player in the back seat."

"Wow," said the attendant. "That there's the fanciest car I ever did see!"

When the attendant finished, the driver asked him, "How much do I owe you?"

"That'll be $30.25," the attendant replied.

The driver pulled out his money clip, peeled off a $20 and a $10, handed them to the attendant, then went into his pocket and pulled out a handful of change. Mixed in with the change were a few golf tees.

"What're them little things there?" asked the attendant.

"Those are to put my balls on when I'm driving," said the man.

"Wow!" the attendant replied, "Them Cadillac people think of everything!"

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