Monday, August 09, 2010

Bosom paintings

I think an artist has to find something the public is *already* interested in, and connect with that. Reader Norm N found a good example: to have an ample bosom, and paint with it. Too funny, but she gets her attention, and sells her paintings! On her ebay page, she makes the point that her breasts are real...

It's not entirely new, in Denmark 30 years ago, a young female artist applied the paint to her whole body, and rolled on the canvas. A reviewer was impressed that one could see impressions of her pubic hair.
(I guess the next step would be paintings made only with pubic and vulva impressions.)


TC [Girl] said...

Oh dear... I love her use of colors and she definitely looks like she's been working her, um, "hiney" off doing ALL these paintings but...can I just say (what probably most everyone else might be thinking) after having gone through her website AND her blog, (sorry...I got "tired" after the 2nd page of postings to get much further!): she "moans and groans" about having dropped her Twitter and MySpace, due to sitting BORED in front of her computer; NO ONE coming to visit! Girlfriend: can we talk?! Put your "dukes" up on either one of these sites and I PROMISE YOU - males AND females - WILL the THOUSANDS!!

Why not just shoot a picture of "them" at work! Simple! What's the big deal?! MANY LOVE to watch artists work! I bet there would be MORE ENTHUSIASM (in ways that we can only imagine!) than you could handle, were you to "share" that about your talent! I think your depression AND insomnia, etc., etc., would be CURED INSTANTLY! PROMISE! :-)

OK. I'm done! :-P

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

That's right. They don't even have to be bare. Just a dozen shots of them in bikini or something.

Philocalist said...

SHUT UP! ;-)

umbra said...

There is an artist painting with his penis. Maybe the two should meet. :-D

his site is here

Philocalist said...

I've got a baby boy, yet to reach two years old.
I'm thinking naked, covered in paint and a large canvas on the floor.
But the end result is not too much different, and artistic input and talent will be about the same.
It's always been the case, hasn't it? ... when talent is a sparse commodity, sell something else!

Philocalist said...

*BET, not BUT! :-)

An 'edit facility on here would be SO nice ... I'm surprised that one does not exist!

Ray said...

This is like admiring trains by viewing their tracks....

Tommy said...

Good one Ray. An excellent analogy..

Anonymous said...

A bit gimmicky, isn't it? She couldn't paint them normally and have them turn out exactly the same?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Sure it's a gimmick. But if some want to be able to say to their friends: "it was painted with boobies!", and buy them, heck, good for her. :-)

Joe said...

Some of those paintings are well done.
Have to say that she has excellent control or her *brushes*;-)

TC [Girl] said...

Joe said...
"Have to say that she has excellent control or her *brushes*;-)"

LOL! GOOD one, Joe! Also brings a whole new meaning to..."breast strokes"! :-D

TC [Girl] said...

@Umbra: Imagine that even I got distracted on my way to check out the site [that you refer us to] by your own site, Umbra! I really enjoyed your landscapes & bookmarks and your illustrations are pretty amazing as well!

'Mr. Pricasso' is funny. I say he should send old Barbara Bush a picture of himself "dinking around" 'Old W'ya's' mouth! :-D

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, I'm a fan of Umbra's. I have a couple of watercolors I bought back in the nineties.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"Yes, I'm a fan of Umbra's. I have a couple of watercolors I bought back in the nineties."

Yes; I remember. Ran into this post, last night, while trying to look for the other elephant seal post.

I just remember that I was following Andrew Evans the same time frame. (which seems to indicate I'm about 3 months(?) off of finding the other vid.)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Read more carefully: she's not working with her "hiney".
Your advice to her is excellent, but maybe it would be more efficient if you posted it on HER blog, no?
She IS quite pretty even fully clothed. :-)
And I have no difficulty believing "they're real": their size is in harmony with the rest of her body and frame. She seems 100% natural, judging by her face as well, which is always something commendable in my book. I only like "authentic" women. Genuine on the outside as well as the inside, in body and in mind.
"By the thousands"? Girl, I think that estimation is PESSIMISTIC! :-)

"Just a dozen shots of them in bikini or something."
Just half a dozen of them "dressed" by their working conditions. :-)

"I don't get it." ;-)

"I don't get it either." ;-)

Excellent control indeed! Getting such results using nipples seems anything BUT obvious!
She's genuinely good with her, um, brushes. :-)

Are you suggesting she's painting using swimming motions? :-D
Somehow, I'd expect the lines to be oriented differently...

My (odd) verif: "prick".
Pricking motions, really, you think? Hmmm...

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"(I guess the next step would be paintings made only with pubic and vulva impressions.)"
I once tried to use my pussy as a paintbrush.
After all the wounds healed, I left Whiskers alone and switched to using my own armpit hair. Less classy, but a lot more painless! ^..^