Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogs and web on Kindle

Blogs are now available on Kindle in the UK too. And nicely, they do come with pictures, although they are B/W of course (and a bit dark, at least on the Kindle 1 and 2).
Also new: the links to web now work, and the Kindle browser is not at all bad. For a long while there, you couldn't web browse on the Kindle outside the US. But actually in some ways the browser on the Kindle is superior, surprisingly giving the technology, to the one in the iPad, because, while on the iPad you can make a text column fill the width of the screen, you can't (in Safari at least) change the text size, and it's often too small for comfortable reading. The Kindle browser on the other hand, reformats the main text to fill the screen in a comfortable reading size, and you can change it too, if need be.
(I believe at least one of the alternative browsers on the iPad has changeable font size. But I don't know of a way to make another browser your default for links from other apps.)
As a tip for article reading, let me once again mention the excellent Instapaper app. It reformats article for easy reading, and saves them for later reading, even on other devices (Kindle,  iPhone, iPad). 

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