Saturday, June 12, 2010

UK pad and phone (and parenthesis''szs'...)

I can't believe that they charge 425 Pounds Sterling for the cheapest iPad here in the UK.  Over $600. Well, OK, the difference between the pound and the dollar has been greater, so it's not quite so dramatic as I feel, perhaps.

But I notice now that in recent times I could have bought an iPhone 3Gs, and surely can the iPhone 4 also (I think from Tuesday if Stevie can be believed), without a monthly contract here, but instead a pay-as-you-go deal, in the UK Apple Store. Since the stupid contracts were the main reasons I never had one (low phone user here), maybe I'll get an iPhone 4 after all.

OK, the phone itself will be expensive* (probably , as these things tend to be) (gawd knows I've complained often enough about this), but I guess we have to pay a price for living in a country with a social network, and not fear ending up like the new-poor people in Tent Cities in the US. That can't be nice.

*The iPhone 3Gs (32GB) is 489 Pounds Sterling, over 700 dollars. (£440 for the 16GB one.) And of course the model 4 will be at least that. That is actually ridiculous when you consider it's similar to the iPad's price. It may be silly, but it seems counter-intuitive to me that the much-smaller, but similarly-featured iPhone should not be less expensive than an iPad.

... Man, I'm having way too many interstitial (thanks to William Gibson for that word) thoughts. I'm nearing four layers of parenthesizes now in some posts... (Good lawd, there are four alternative spellings for 'parenthesizes' (See what I mean?).) Maybe I shouldn't blog when my skull is particularly hyper-active. But then that's one of the raison-detre's of the blog: an outlet for all the BS I think. Sigh. Whatever.

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