Sunday, June 06, 2010

Amazing Spam, part eleven

Overall I quite like Apple's Mail app, but so far I'm not impressed by its spam filter. So far, it seems like at least 80% of its positives are false. And it let this one pass...

Surprise surprise Mr
You know what, I'm in a excellent mood so may I tell you a thing? I am a sales rep. manager target in your city.
As a leader, I'm allowed to send out 5 giifts phone each month as "returns" to loyal consumers.

We just got the brand new Apple iPhone 4G!
Actually, noone has claimed theirs yet for the period (I don't think they actually believe we do this :))
so if you get one before the night shift ends, I'll be happy to ship it to you.
Please confirm yours free request at this url
Conrad Carlozzi,
Consumer consultant director
5238 brookmill court,Pinehurst

Fantastic, n'est pas? How lame. And to have the nerve to say that not only are they first in the world to have Apple's next phone, but they're giving them away!

I don't know what kind of malware it was pushing, because TinyURL was on the ball and have already cancelled the spam address. 

By the way, here's an oddity: after I changed to Apple Mail from Eudora, all the Viagra spam I was usually getting (filtered by SpamSieve and ending up in Eudora's Junk folder) has disappeared! And it's not Mail stopping it, because that app merely labels it, it does not put it in any junk mail folder. I'm happy to be rid of it, but I am just puzzled as to where it went.


Bruce. said...

If you like SpamSieve, I believe you can use it with Apple Mail.

Note that Apple Mail needs to be trained to be effective.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, I do believe you're right about both things.