Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Spell Against Hurtful Words

A Spell Against Hurtful Words
by Silvia Hartmann

I received a request from someone who was very upset because a "certain word" was being used on them, to hurt them, on a regular basis by "silly boys" in their environment.

Now it is said that "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me" but that is actually not true.

Words are the audible part of an energy package being sent ; and words can be swords, and arrows, and they can cause intense injury as well as cut to the quick. Indeed, words can be such hard core magical devices that a single word said at at a vulnerable time, like "You are a loser!" can become REALITY for a person's entire incarnation.

That is heavy duty magic indeed and causes intense suffering.

The "healing spell" I am advising to this young person, inexperienced in the ways of magic or modern psychology or personal development, is in fact, EmoTrance. It is the perfect healing spell to break the power of "the word" and end the suffering.

Here is my response:

Ok. This is about ownership of a "magic word". They have found a "magic word" that has the power to hurt you.

As long as it has this magical effect on you, of course they will continue to use it - as you say, they are stupid boys and they're probably very excited to have discovered they have such power.

I have two sons, and one of them used to pick up our cat and squeeze it to get it to make a weird noise. He did this for two years, at least once a day and never got tired of it, no matter what I said; but then the cat just stopped making the weird noise one day. I guess it had finally figured it out. He squeezed a bit harder for two, three days - nothing. So then he left the cat alone. It wasn't funny anymore, it wasn't worth it.
It's structural, I guess.

Here's what you need to do to take the power out of the magic word that makes you cringe.

Write it in big letters on a piece of paper, with a big, thick pen.
Lay it face down on the ground before you.
Take a deep breath and turn it over, let the word assault you.
Pay attention.

Where do you feel that in your body?
(A pain sensation, a hot pressure, nasty, an ACTUAL body feeling)
Put your hands on that place, close your eyes, and say out aloud:

"Healing hands of mine, heal this. It is ONLY AN ENERGY. Soften and Flow!"

Breathe deeply until you can feel the feeling dissolve, drain away.

Take another deep breath and open your eyes, look at the words again.
Where do you feel this in your body?

It sometimes can be still the same place, but now it's less painful - that means your healing is working, and just repeat it a few more times until you can look at the word and it means absolutely nothing, or even makes you laugh.

That means their "spell" on you is broken and that whole thing is over now.

Sometimes you can feel another pain in another part of your body, like a tightness in the throat or something like that.

Should that be the case, place your hands right there and repeat the healing spell until that place, too, is healed.
Either way, continue on until you do not feel any pain anymore when you see the word.

Now, speak the word.
If there's any pain left, use the healing spell.

You're ready now to take this into the actual environment and wait for them to "squeeze the cat" again. PAY ATTENTION if there's any pain left; heal that as soon as you get a chance, but while you're there, say loudly in your head, "Soften and flow!" to minimize the damage to your energy body.

This works for all insults, all such "spells" that people use like weapons to hurt you and destroy your energy system (which then makes you feel weak and have no confidence).

It's a great skill to have learned, so give this a good old try. If you have a friend, try throwing insults at each other and then healing the injuries thus revealed together. This is called EmoTrance and it really works.

Blessings on top, StarFields


Anonymous said...

"Healing hands of mine, heal this. It is ONLY AN ENERGY. Soften and Flow!"

only God can heal with his power. whenever someone speaks a negative to me I go to my Lord Jesus and ask him to forgive them and give me the strength to carry on.
Jesus will never leave you or forsake you.
besides, one day they'll face judgement as we all will and give an account for everything we ever did or say and even thought about.
but i do agree with what you said about the cat thing. once you act like it doesn't hurt anymore most will abandon their insults.
my boss use to say very hurtful words to me until one day i point-blank ask him, "why do you hate me?"
he was perplexed and stumbled over his response and said, "who told you that i hated you?"
i said "you did." he replied, "I don't hate you. I never said that."
And I responded by saying, "Not directly but in your actions and attitude towards me you have."
Since then he has been silent with me and sometimes even cheerful when he greets me. God is not mocked, whatever a man or woman sows that shall he also reap.

Anonymous said...


Seems like you're not posting for the first time. How about clicking the "Other" option and choosing yourself an alias? It'd feel much more intimate. :-)

After all, you can certainly find something that won't sound worse than our friend "Wonko outside the asylum"!
And nobody makes fun of HIS alias. (Well, nobody except me, that is...) :-D

Jeroen Stout said...


This might venture a bit on the unsafe side of 'critical,' but lately you're really heavily posting self-help messages. I don't have anything directly against self-help, people can put post-its with 'You're a great Guy, Guy!' where-ever they would jolly well like, but things like this... Energy streams? Soften and flow?.. I don't see anything but make-believe concepts for things that happen in another way.

When kids are young you don't tell them the full spectrum of the universe - at one end because most of the universe you know you've found out by yourself and you can't explain it in words, but also for a bit because you don't trust them to be able to handle 'the truth.' Terry Pratchett in one of his serious books calls it 'lies for children,' and goes on to say that we're surrounded by lies for children. And that's okay, some people need a 'low-level' concept of the world. And energy streams, gods, xi, yin-yang and all that are a part of that; but beyond the obvious, even the concept that politicians and civilians are utterly different is one of those. It's a low-level concept to make the world comprehensible for a mind that can't handle more. Blatantly said.

Which brings me to you. I really don't mind, and even like, someone who believes in something. If you believe in perfection in the bodies of women, I can enjoy reading about your musings. If you believe that changes have to be made, I can enjoy reading about your statements and arguments.
But this whole thing here, Madame Silvia Hartman, just feels under your level. There where you had your little doubts, she is now casting her clear-cut universe filled with energy streams and good endings. It's child-stuff, and you're taking it all in.

I'm just saying, really. I enjoy more reading you thinking about things I don't agree with than I enjoy reading you copy-pasting about things I don't agree with.

Anonymous said...

ok pascal, as you wish lol.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I can see your point.

Emotrance is definitely not "lies for children", though. (which book did Pratchett talk about that?) If it seems simple, it is because the energy system is a new area, and our understanding is very rudimentary yet, to say the least. But it was changed my life, and I'm convinced it a very important area to discover for humans.

Anonymous said...

The difference with sticks and stones is, you can actually render words powerless. Not blows. (Except maybe in the movies I used to watch as a kid.)
I like the principle of it. A lot. Even if we want to be the skeptic type about this magic stuff, considering it like the power of words on the psyche is just the same in the end. In strictly cold, rational terms, it would be called a "bio-feedback technique", teaching you (part unconsciously) to overcome the negative emotions/sensations by focusing on their somatic manifestations. It doesn't matter, so long as it works. And if it only needs you to believe in it in order to work, don't hesitate.
EmoTrance probably wouldn't work on me, because I have this silly reflex of over-rationalizing everything. Still, it's a silly situation. Because I KNOW I just have to believe in it in order for it to work. It is the exact opposite of stupid superstition : here, you knowingly create your own beliefs, and you're the one in charge, not them.
As for the God-healing thing, it is a bit hasty. No offense, Terry, but even if you believe that nothing in the Universe happens without the implicit permission of God (there's nothing wrong with believing that), remember that some things happen which are clearly not the WILL of God, like the evil that men do. God permits it to be, which is hugely different from ordering it to happen. Many (most?) things happen because they are simply within the frame of the rules of the Universe, be they divine in origin or purely pyhsical laws. Whether you call it faith or belief or magic, the mind can act to heal, be it through words, hands, the eyes, or simply the knowledge that somebody you trust is silently supporting you from afar. It doesn't matter if you are the Pope, an atheist, or satanist Anton LaVey : we humans are accountable for what we do, both good and bad, because we are free in our actions. It is not God controlling the penis of a child rapist, or the weapon with which they'll kill an innocent victim. It it that person, misusing the liberty that God gave all of us. Evil wasn't created by God. Just its possibility. Because the immense treasure of freedom is worth it. Living as mere remote-controlled CONSCIOUS flesh robots would be perhaps the worst possible abomination. Which is why totalitarian regimes are so awful...

Anonymous said...

I am reminded about a Disney story I read once. Clarabelle wants Goofy to love her (or to get energetic, or brave for a rescue, or something). So she goes and asks the help of Hazel the Witch. When the witch finds out just WHO the "client" is, she almost goes crazy. Why? Because : "This is the man who doesn't believe in magic. Magic only works if you believe in it. :-( I'm helpless on him!" [Well, almost, because she manages to do the job with a potion.]
Still, there are some hilarious scenes, where she attempts to convince Goofy that magic is real, summoning monsters from thin air : "And how to you explain THAT, hot shot?
- Bah. Illusions, tricks, hypnosis. Or something of the kind. Not falling for it." Against the inertia power of Goofy's simple stubbornness, the magic ends, and the beasts disappear. And Goofy goes : "See? Here's the proof, it doesn't last. Wasn't even a very good trick, I've seen better.

I won't say that ANYTHING can be accomplished by just believing. (Miracles and Signs don't fill the streets like my pious aunt would love to think.) But some things can be. Like pain control. Wounds are real, but pain is a mind perception, you can "think it away". I once managed, on a hot summer day, to focus so much on the idea of cold that I got chills and had to stop! Really. I believe it was a form of self-hypnosis. Weirdishly fun.

Similarly, if you just BELIEVE you're not nervous or stressed, I'm sure you'll actually make yourself calmer. Considering hurting words as a form of psychic or psychological destructive energy doesn't mean this energy is electromagnetic in nature, gravitational, quantic, or something of the sort. Words are information that affects you because you understand it. If information can be at the origin of a reaction, then it is a force, by definition. A force outside the domain of the cold, hard science that I'm so fond of.

Choosing and controlling what you believe in is the best you can do. We humans can't help believing in SOMETHING. Even atheists. Okay, I'll spare you the well-known "atheism is believing that God DOESN'T exist" routine. But unless an atheist is very low intellectually and culturally, he/she will believe in reason, science, logic... or at least skepticism! (Even Goofy, see?)
Me, I'm more of an agnostic : I'm not sure what to believe, considering the loads of nonsense that pollute most religious messages in real life. But I believe there IS something to be either discovered or understood. Even if sometimes there CAN be NO certainties. I can live with that. Goes with the human condition.

Anonymous said...

Terry, but even if you believe that nothing in the Universe happens without the implicit permission of God (there's nothing wrong with believing that), remember that some things happen which are clearly not the WILL of God, like the evil that men do. God permits it to be, which is hugely different from ordering it to happen.
I agree with you Pascal. Some things are permitted to be. You're right, God doesn't order EVIL, at times he lets things happen for a reason. We do have FREE WILL, but we must be careful with how we use it.
Many times I wonder why? But He is God and I am not. So even if I don't fully comprehend it, I must accept it and pray about it. It's not easy I know, but I do understand your thoughts on the subject.
I'm glad I'm not a flesh robot either.........(well except when it comes to hunger lol) but you get my drift.
As I said before, you have a very keen insight on things. And thank you for your email. I'm not a dark and dangerous stranger (only to flies! I kill them out of revenge for bugging me lol)
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

It's true that words can never hurt you. What hurts you is your reaction to them. This may seem like not much of a difference but in fact it's profound because if words could hurt you you'd just have to live with it but your reaction you can change.

Silvia's technique is one way to address that and if it works because it physically changes energy flows or because you believe it does while it just gets you to process the issue on some other level doesn't matter much in my mind.
If it works for you that's great, if it doesn't, try something else - there are many ways to neutralise words (or give them more power over yourself) - as is obvious when you observe that the same words have different effects on different people - but it's important to address the issue if you prefer not to be at everyone else's whim.

Anonymous said...

By a strange coincidence, I've just discovered this quote, from revolutionnary poet Maiakovski: "Words are bullets".

Seems very relevant when you consider certain dangerous-sounding words. Like the death fatwa against Salman Rushdie, for instance...

Anonymous said...

"I'm not a dark and dangerous stranger (only to flies! I kill them out of revenge for bugging me lol)"
I'd also want revenge if somebody bugged me while lol.
Still, I've reconsidered my attitute towards killing insects. For my own spiritual pleasure, I avoid it whenever I can. A fly, a wasp? If they have the good taste of leaving when I open the window, good riddance. An ant, a spider in my house? Out you go, bye-bye. I only truly make exceptions for nuisances that aren't merely straying. Moths and mosquitoes aren't worth the bother to spare them considering what they love to do, and I'll gladly let my cat eat his mice. (But I'll "accidentally" help a bird escape if it's still alive.)
Off-topic, I know. I'm not really a karma believer (still, who knows?), I just like "not killing" gratuitously. Live and let live, whenever applyable. It's very apeasing.

"if it works because it physically changes energy flows or"...
As a doctor, I KNOW the "visualizing of energy flow" in martial arts corresponds to nothing medically observable. Physiology and anatomy do not corroborate the acupucture "meridians". But the thing is, it works nevertheless. So, maybe their theory is whimsical and they're wrongly explaining empirical findings. Or maybe the belief in energy flows (located in breathing) is just the right tool to control your body energies. Whatever the case, if it works, it works. I'm no fundamentalist.
If somebody finds the motivation to save a life by praying Satan, I won't be upset either.
As the Baha'i faith says, the Truth is one, even if the beliefs are many. Believing is a way for us to get in touch with the Truth, each seeking it in his own way.
It is true that some parts of the Quran advocate domination of women, or violence. Some other parts are quite excellent (for instance, heavily insisting on social solidarity). If a muslim finds, in his Book (which I don't believe in), a motivation to be a decent person, then that's fine with me and worthy of respect. If a christian like me uses the Gospel as an excuse, for example, to murder a doctor performing abortions, then a good basis will never excuse a bad result. Actions not only speak louder than words, they speak even louder than the holiest Book.
In conclusion, there are no good or bad beliefs (okay, except for nazism), only good or bad believers. My true religion is the human spirit, and I happily know that it is universal. :-)

Anonymous said...

I come from a mystic's standpoint but I completely understand skepticism. I encourage it! Skeptics play an important role in today's world. They serve as a counter-balance to the overzealous religious folk that have dominated society for too long. Just so long as skeptics don't take it to the extreme and they keep an open mind I think they'll remain a valuable asset well into the future.

It's pretty much been said, but I'm going to put it into my own words: it's better to look at beliefs as tools, not factual representations of phenomena we don't understand. I believe a good many things, and when I speak I do so with certainty. Even so, there is room for error. I have come a long way, but my understanding lacks in many regards. I am not fully conscious of each of the ways my knowledge falls short, and in fact there is every possibility that I'm mistaken 100% about the things I believe. That same possibility exists for us all.

On the other hand, I may be aware of some very real things but I grasp them no better than a toddler does quantum theory. When we think in words then our understanding must be limited because words are designed as symbols to convey very tangible things, they are not suited for the abstract notions of the immaterial. Wisdom must begin with language for those who only know words, but it isn't until we expand beyond that point that we can know how much we've limited our own evolution and how wrong we were concerning the nature of the universe.

I believe this is a Wiccan saying: "Do what you will, harm none." I agree partially, but I would add this: Do what you will, if it is your bliss. Love what you do. Love life. Love others. Love from the core of your being. Do not worry about others. If you love in the truest sense you cannot harm them.*

Everything else is, in my mind, irrelevant. Whether wrong or right, we each need to search for our own answers and we need to encourage each other in that pursuit. It's the only way we will ever achieve knowledge. (And the means to put that knowledge to use.)

*This might be considered a dangerous idea, so let me elaborate. Love, in its purest form, leads to peace and healing. If you impose a human standard of love on what I said, then my words are twisted and something vile may result. But if we can look beyond circumstantial love, judgemental love, "I need you to be what I want you to be" love, "my happiness relies on you" love, "I need you" love, if we can look beyond all its false incarnations and see it as it is, then we will know bliss.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say that "I come from a skeptic standpoint while advocating a dose of mysticism, but we think alike".
However, after reading you I'm confused. I feel like I am without a label.
And like the people who finally decide to be without clothes, I fell confused, but free!

"Just so long as skeptics don't take it to the extreme"
This has happened around the 19th-early 20th century. The belief that science would explain everything there is (right until Einstein) became known as "Scientism". Some of it remains today is certain atheist circles, when they confuse reason and science.

"it's better to look at beliefs as tools"
This is quite close to what the Baha'is profess. And to the syncretic Kejawen movement in Java, which says that religion is a cloth for the soul during life, useful for keeping it from catching cold, but that we must learn to shed it and die naked, because there is only one Truth.

"On the other hand, I may be aware of some very real things but I grasp them no better than a toddler does quantum theory."
And yet we all exist thanks to quantum particles! Man still can't explain all the physics of bipedal walking, of the biggest part of how life starts and the embryo develops, but thankfully this didn't keep us from going around and breeding for a million years.
Lucky for us. :-)

"I agree partially, but I would add this"
Because you're not a Wiccan : you're a DOM!

Anonymous said...

A DOM? Is that a food? I am hungry... Wait, am I asking if I can eat myself? Damn, not sure I want the psychological analysis on that.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

It's insider slang for Dirty Old Man. A positive term around here.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that's right, not to mention accurate. ;)

Anonymous said...

See? I told you. You're not Wiccan, just slightly wicked.

Welcome to the club. :-D