Monday, October 02, 2006

Introduce yourself

We have some cool eggs hanging out here, and I'd like to know a little more.
Like where is Lucid Twilight? How old is Final Identity? What does Ronald do for a living? How tall is Pascal? What color is Laurie's hair? Where was Adam born? What does Wonko do to relax? Can we get a topless picture of Hannah (just kidding)? Does TTL really mean "through the lens"? Is RevLizbeth really a reverend?
And most importantly, this Anonymous guy, how does he have time for all those posts, and does he have a last name? (Apologies to all those I did not mention.)
Just put up like 100 words, with the most pertinent facts.

Oooh, and I know it's hard, but try not to make it sound like a Lonely Hearts ad, OK? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Eolake, I'm not Anonymous anymore remember? lol. I'm Terry from Sidney Ohio USA. I'm 46, divorced, I work in an aluminum foundry, I'm a published poet and writer when I find the time.
I'm 6ft 180 pounds. I love to tan, enjoy beautiful nude women like yourself. I receive your newsletters about Domai and love your photos. (I was the fellow that ask you if you could lower your membership fee so I could join but you said you couldn't so thats why I still enjoy your newsletters because at least I can still get a few photos this way.)
I like photography, I have taken photos of women nude myself. I love erotic art and classical music, adore Elton John and Bernie Taupins music!
I'm a democrat with strong political beliefs. Dislike GW Bush and Company. I am lonely would love to meet one woman to cherish the rest of my life.(End of plea lol)
I love reading your blog! You have extremely cool topics you write about. (Also the stories on Domai reflect and define real life to me.)
I also thank you for letting me post my thoughts on your site. I respect you for that and your profession. I would love to visit the UK someday. But I have little funds so I'll just keep surfing those places I cannot afford to go to lol. It's better than nothing.
Thanks for inquiring Eolake.
Sincerely, Terry

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

"enjoy beautiful nude women like yourself"

Thank you very much. I really do feel like a beautiful nude woman much of the time.

Like now, but sadly none are around.

Hannah said...

Isn't mystery good? ;)

Wonko outside the asylum said...

Ah go on then, here are a few snippets about me, some of which you may well have been able to deduce from previous messages.

I'm in my mid-thirties (though inside my body clock says that I'm still 19), married to the lovely woman often referred to here as MGLW (My Good Lady Wife). We live on the North-London/Essex border with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, called Warwick.

To relax I do a variety of things. I use the web - obviously - Eolake's sites being top of my list of favourites. I read a little but not as much as I feel I should; mostly comic fantasy (Terry Pratchett) and science fiction (Douglas Adams, Asimov, Iain Banks). My main hobby since going digital is in photography. I did a weekend course last October and I have to say that it made a big difference to my skills and confidence. I'm still learning and practising, though with limited equipment due to a lack of funds. I also write, mostly published in magazines. It's probably not what you think, I write pages of craft ideas!

Otherwise my main passion is Single Malt Whisky; I have a personal collection of more than 150 bottles, nearly all of them open.

However, the best way for me to relax is to be at home with MGLW or socialising with our neighbours or my wide circle of friends. I find that being with other people re-energises me, re-invigorates me and generally lifts my levels of well being. Visiting friends or having them at my home always makes me feel better, laughing and joking.

Bram said...

Let's see .. I'm Belgian, currently living in Wales. I've been - to the dismay of some - alive for 21 years and counting. The last year and a half I've been a part-time computer science student in Cardiff.

Annoyingly, it looks like my classes for this year will get cancelled due to a lack of interest. Not quite sure what I'll be doing if that should happen..

And one thing about me you really didn't want to know: I'm a merchandiser. Yup. I get paid to hand people things they don't want. I don't like my job much.. It has its perks, like a nice pay cheque and extremely flexible working days :).

Trying to keep this short.. I love books. Especially all kinds of Fantasy and some Sci-Fi. Being geek, I also run several websites and I do some programming for other websites. Musically speaking, I like everything that sounds good to me. And when it comes to females, I love 'em all :).

laurie said...

Hi, Laurie here. I really enjoyed reading about other bloggers. My hair is dirty blond, down to my bottom, very thick and beautiful. I am not shy about it. I am 45 years old and in the best shape of my life. I live in one of the most beautiful spots in the U.S. -- the Catskills, and hike up the mountains every week, and use the gym regularly. I am 5 feet 8 and super slim and happy about that. I work with kids with disabilities in the public school system. I just got a new charge, a little kindergartner, I can't wait to meet him. He's a real handful I hear. I am divorced, have a 19 year old son William, live with my beatnik boyfriend, and read books on Advaita and Christian mysticism. I have struggled with depression in the past, but seem to have gotten the better of it through grace. I studied theology in school. I lived in a Zen Buddhist Zen Center for two years, and earlier completed an Outward Bound Mountaineering Course. My interests are spirituality, the male/female dynamic :) helping women love their eternal feminine, oceans, hiking, and seeing beauty behind every imaginable image of brokenness. Eolake, love your blog. Love your generosity.

Anonymous said...

New here, but small world...
The Little Woman and I live just down the interstate from Terry in Sidney.
And Laurie, dirty blond even thick around your nethers, our daughter's birth mother across the Ohio River from here in Sinincincinnati, also administers to kids with disabilities in a public school system. I'm looking forward to meeting one she describes as both autistic as well as having Downs syndrome.
How could there be such?
I will post a pic of me topless later.

Anonymous said...

No worries, Eolake, here are the precise answers to your deep existential interrogations, one by one.

Where is Lucid Twilight?
See that golden luminosity over the cloudless horizon? Right there.

How old is Final Identity?
Final Identity 1 was first released by the Squaresoft videogame company in Japan on December 18, 1987. You do the math.
Final Identity 13 is scheduled for release on the Play Boy Advance console around March 31st, 2007. Unless there is a slight delay...

What does Ronald do for a living?
He clowns around as a fast food mascot, and gets paid big bucks for doing so. Lucky bastard!

How tall is Pascal?
Well, for the moment, I'm still slightly less tall than my hair. Contrarily to my dad.
I used to have a red balloon that was taller than me. True, I was very young, and it floated...

What color is Laurie's hair?
"L'or" is "gold" in French. D'uh!

Where was Adam born?
In a garden in Eden, current capital of Yemen.

What does Wonko do to relax?
Return to the asylum and receive tranquilizers.

Can we get a topless picture of Hannah (just kidding)?
You can get a full nude picture of my hairy pussy. Here, Whiskers, stand still for the camera. Good cat.
As for Hannah... For your sake, Eolake, I just hope this is not a guy's name!!! (Well, it IS in Lebanon. I know a priest named Father Hanna.)
I think an image of a woman's topless BACK would be legal on U.S. television. I'll ask Janet...

Does TTL really mean "through the lens"?

Is RevLizbeth really a reverend?
At the last Auto show, the Lisbeth prototype has been clocked at 70.000 Revs per minute.
How's that for a speedy answer, my son?

This Anonymous guy, how does he have time for all those posts, and does he have a last name?
N. O. Nymous currently holds the Guinness record for fastest keyboard typing.
He's often known under the nickname "A friend", especially when he writes unexpected letters.
He's not to be mistaken with his relative, Terry O'Nymous.
Incidentally, Terry is well known for helping apprehending a gang of pirates in the Thirties. They even made a comic series of his feats.

(Apologies to all those I did not mention.)
Apologies accepted. (Don't mention it)

Oh, and Bram is known to have published a best-selling horror story under the pen name "Stoker".

Anonymous said...

"'Where is Lucid Twilight?'
See that golden luminosity over the cloudless horizon? Right there."

I do believe that's a compliment. Whether it was meant to be or not, I will take it as such.

I... Normally don't say much about myself. I'm more acclimated to listening than I am to talking. When people ask me to tell them about myself I'm at a total loss for words. (Unless they narrow down the question to something a bit more specific.)

On the other hand, I am an open book. I hide nothing for I've nothing to be ashamed of, except for maybe a few vices that most of us are prone to. (And really, to be ashamed of those is ridiculous. Shame is second only to fear in sheer uselessness. (And I know that shame isn't the only reason to hold something back, but I don't fear what other people might to do me. If I have reason to be suspicious, I test them thoroughly before revealing too much. And even then I don't react as a typical 19 year old male would to most situations so they'd have to get deep into my mind before they could turn my weaknesses against me.)) I'm not afraid of being judged nor am I likely to judge.

I suppose that I prefer to show who I am than to say it. Talk is cheap, and I've contradicted my words on more than one occasion. When I'm unconcerned about painting a picture of myself and adhering to it I'm much more natural and at ease, thus allowing the perceptive to gleen a much clearer image of the person inside this flesh-suit.

But then it also depends on who I'm dealing with and how he/she/they communicate best. I tend to meet people half way and interact on their level while still retaining my essential sense of selfhood.

It's a bit slower than saying, "Hi, my name is (Sorry, shan't reveal that publicly yet. ;) ) and I (fill in the blank) and I'm (fill in the blank)" but it leads to more meaningful encounters in the long run, I've found.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and have you ever thought of starting a forum/message board for those who frequent your blog, Eolake? Perhaps you don't have enough readers and commenters to justify it yet but it might be worth keeping in mind.

Anonymous said...

My name's Jes, I'm a long time fan of domai. I've posted here anonymously a couple of times in the past(not often) and I'm just figuring out how use my actual name on this. I'm one of those who's had their whole world view changed by domai.

My main passion is music. I had something like 360 CDs last time I counted, and I also play guitar. I live on the Arkansas/Oklahoma border aka Redneck Hell. I have to admit my own country's culture can annoy me to no end at times, which is probably one of the reasons I'm drawn to your ideas. It's a good country, but I hope it gets its head out of its ass on certain issues soon.

Other random facts about me: I'm 22 years old, I still watch cartoons, I consider video games a legitimate art form, I sometimes have bizarre, violent dreams, I have the amazing ability to balance a pen on my nose, I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I'm addicted to orange soda.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, maybe I will consider a forum later, if this keeps up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Eolake, here's RevLizbeth and I really AM a reverend (an ordained minister, yet)and the co-author of that marvelous, exciting and best-selling book Shortcut to a Miracle: How to Change Your Consciousness and Transform your Life. . . also, most notably, very modest and unassuming.
My husband and I live in Chicago (a most beautiful city, for those of you who haven't yet seen it). We travel a great deal and for the past year I have also done a lot of traveling on behalf of the book.
It's a simply beautiful day here, and I am knowing for each of you a wonderful and fully-expressed day yourselves. (And I know you, Eolake, have that every day.)

Anonymous said...

Ha, a fast-food mascot - if they would only pay me but in fact I've never seen a single cent for their use of my name!

(Anyway, still better than 20 years ago when everyone said "oh, Ronald - like Ronald Reagan!")

Still, nice analysis, Pascal - without saying anything personal about yourself! :-P

In fact, I tend to like the way parts of people's identities, personalities, interests, etc. are being revealed piece-meal through the discussions in various threads - just like in real life - rather than them carrying a billboard telling who and what they are.

I still am ambivalent if I should leave it at that or make an announcement about myself but I guess I can tell you a few things:

I just moved from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in Germany.
I've got a degree in engineering but have been working in IT for far too long and would like to spend more time pursuing my life-long interest in photography plus learn about other creative activities (just did a class in abstract painting and much enjoyed it).

I'm interested in many things, enjoy a good argument on most anything like spiritual, technical, political environmental or social issues and consider myself a generalist - I like the quote "specialisation is for insects" (Heinlein?) - thankfully there are now new labels being invented for this type of person ("scanner", "renaissance person"), making it much more socially acceptable (should get me thinking if I'm still on the right track!).

Nuff said.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks everybody.
"Shortcut to a Miracle" is indeed a special book.
I got a call from my friend the multi-talented Gemma (, who credits the book with helping her to find a beautiful home in Connecticut, so she can get out of NYC. (She's played at the MET opera for 22 years, and it is hard and long work.)

Anonymous said...

Who ever said you couldn't make both a joke and a compliment at once?
(Answer : you'll never find his body, I made sure of that.)
"And even then I don't react as a typical 19 year old male would to most situations"
You're 19? Well, proves what Corneille said : worthiness doesn't wait for age. :-)
"I suppose that I prefer to show who I am than to say it."
You'd make a lousy politician, you know that? But I'm betting you're a good friend to have.

I too consider video games a legitimate art form. And I have a very bright pre-schooler to back me up in this belief, so there!
(I can't wait for Okami to finally come out!) Loved to discover the 40ies New York city with EA's The Godfather.

An ordained minister with a husband...
I still can't "get it" why women couldn't be priests as well!
There's currently a series on French TV, "Mrs President", where the Mrs is pregnant, and many voices decree that she can't run a country in her state. Perhaps she should rather run a State in her country then? ):-P
I'm happy to be a man, just so I can support women's rights without being suspect of having a personal interest in the issue!

(Anyway, still better than 20 years ago when everyone said "oh, Ronald - like Ronald Reagan!")
Yeah, nothing worse than being compared to some buffooning jester, right? How lucky for you that I am nothing like THOSE unimaginative idiots!
"Still, nice analysis, Pascal - without saying anything personal about yourself! :-P"
Hey, how about that very subtle hint to my hair implants being successful? If THAT ain't personal stuff, I don't know what is!

Okay, let's get a bit serious for a sec. (Just a bit.) I was pretty sure that presenting myself, in my own words, would use up all the web space allocated to Eolake for his blog, and that maybe three persons in the whole world would be masochistic enough to read the story of my life anyway. But stealing shamelessly the idea from Lucid Twilight, I realise it it possible to say the essential parts (reasonably) briefly.
So, I am a male, 35, bachelor, graduated in General Medicine, and self-made intellectual-philosopher since I had my baby teeth. Add reading fanatic, curious mind, and friend to living creatures (even some of the deliberately hostile, like bill collectors and door-to-door salesmen). I love imagination, fantasy, science, beauty, creativity, happiness and chocolate. And feeling right at home around people like you all. If you believe in karma, I guess I must've been around quite a bit. Also, I heard somewhere that my ability to read in my dreams makes me quite unusual. (I'll have to check on that one.)
I believe I possess empathy to probably a rare degree. I can understand (without necessarily approving) the thinking of a newborn baby, an old lady, President Bush, Bin Laden, Mother Teresa... Which left me little choice but to be tolerant whenever survival is not jeopardized. Tolerant, but lucid, of course.
Part of what contributed to that, I believe, is the fact that I am multi-cultural. Part lebanese, part french, and a sprinkle from Eastern Europe. Lived most of my life in Lebanon (including all of the war). While a child of this country, I just cannot be typical, no more than a typical French, or any "typical" label. As Socrates(?) would say, I view myself a citizen of the world... with a preference for living in the democratic West some day if possible.
Currently, I'm writing the first of a series of books (the whole narrating line is already set), which should be reminding of my posts here : mixing entertainment and educational, albeit in a more balanced and digestible mix. :-)
I'll be adding a more detailed curriculum vitae in my first book, which no doubt will be fun to read. (And hopefully, so will the book itself!)

Physically, I'm tall, dark, handsome, truthful, charming (some say irresistible), and desperately seeking a stunning Miss Universe contestant to bring her the man she deserves : my humble self. Please pass the message, okay? Thank you, I'll make it up to you. Send all applications (with nude photos and your home address) to :

Anonymous said...

with a preference for living in the democratic West some day if possible.

Reminds me of that Gandhi reply:
Q: what do you think of Western civilisation?
A: I think it would be a good idea!

Ah, no matter. :-)

Hannah said...

Why not? I'm Hannah (yes, that is my real name), 22, been living in the Netherlands since I was 13 when I moved here from NH, USA. I don't want to move back to America when I get going, I think I'd prefer Canada. I want to work for Google. I can be very shy and modest or very outgoing and bouncy. I love books (mostly fantasy), webdesign (a healthy balance between graphics and code), trying to enjoy how beautiful things are around me, my cats and a good discussion/argument, the Sims, World of Warcraft and how good my bed feels when I first lie down at night. And I really like helping people. I don't like the city, too many people, too much noise and having to be what somebody wants me to be.

At the moment I'm THE helpdesk person at a small ICT business that sells support (you have a problem, we fix it), engineering and other ICT stuff to small/medium business in the Netherlands. Basically anything that goes wrong at any of our clients' offices, I have to fix. What I can't fix, I send my colleagues to handle. :) I like it, but I'm getting bored and need new challenges. I just don't like the huge complicated problems that just don't seem to have an answer: stress I can handle, frustration I can't.

Eolake, if you want a topless picture, you're going to have to take it yourself. :)

Hannah said...

Oh, right: I'm 22, about 5'1" or 160cm, somewhere around 110kg (one of the reasons I'm so shy and don't usually like having photos taken), medium hair that seems to be something like dirty blond. I usually wear some pair of silver dangly earrings and if I'm looking for my glasses, they're on top of my head, not on my nose.

I guess if you want to know anything else, ask. I feel so forward and rude talking about myself, so I try not to drop too many tidbits.

Dragonsbane said...

Although I haven't posted in a while, I believe in transparency. My name is in my profile for anyone to see. I do believe in openness. I'm 49, I live in Portsmouth, RI. I'm one of the founders of KVH Industries: if you sail, you may have come across our Sailcomp Fluxgate compasses, especially if you race. I'm divorced and remarried; got it right the 2nd time. Amazed at how bitter and vindictive my ex-spouse is. I have two boys that live with me every other week. I've been racing sailboats for 40+ years. I've captained my boat in 5 Newport-Bermuda Races with my dad as navigator, most notably this year for the 100th anniversary of the race, with my dad as one of the oldest participants at 90. I've been studying Aikido for 12 years, and have recently gotten more serious about it, going to classes 4-5 times/week. I am a 2nd kyu, and hope to get my black belt in 4 years. I'm active in Boy Scouts with my sons. I'm 6'1", 179lbs, mostly bald, with a beard. I foound this blog through DOMAI. I too appreciate beautiful women, heck I appreciate most beautiful things. I love Sci-Fi, but haven't been happy with the current authors compared to the masters such as Heinlein, Niven, Pournelle, Asimov. I have a digital camera, but don't use it enough. Through a set of unplanned events, we have 5 cats living in our home. I'll cut this off at this point, to not exceed the suggested limit by too-too much

Cliff Prince said...

The reason I am so "modest" as to fail to post my own biography here, is that I find the reading of this thread boring. So sue me! There's no through-line, no overarching concept. Nobody is saying, "Me too!" or, "I disagree!" We're just listing facts.

Anonymous said...

final identity- and that actually says plenty about you. The observant don't need to be told who you are, they'll figure it out by what you say elsewhere. And here, because you've shown another part of yourself to us in this thread.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird that many of us here seem to end up having common tastes? (Like cats, for instance: serenity and grace made in a convenient portable format.) And the rest too.
Makes sense. We are an improvised community with a common spiritual goal: self and world improvement.

(one of the reasons I'm so shy and don't usually like having photos taken)
Let me guess... you've never heard of Botero and Rubens, right? Just do what you must for your health, and to hell with fashion's diktats! Me, I know I should work out more, but only to build some muscle. What reasonable fat I have is medically okay, and I don't intend to "burn" it one bit. One needs some energy reserves besides his muscles' proteins!
As I've told one of my aunts, who's quite plump (to say the least) : "I'll always prefer a smiling round woman who enjoys life's pleasures, to an edgy slender fashion model who's constantly dieting!"

Anonymous said...

"I disagree!" What, are you saying that all my sparkling answers to Eolake's questions left you utterly cold? Man, you really should upgrade to Version 12!

As for "Me too", I've also done that on this thread. I know, I know, I'm "the life of the party", otherwise said, the class clown. Just trying to move in on Ronald's job position. ;-)

I did try to make my own introduction witty, to the point, and interesting to read. You'll notice I've spared you the complete list of the action figures in my vast collection, for instance. (I even have an action figure of myself! Really.) Or the fact that I keep the whiskers my cat loses, for no special reason. I also enjoy self-hypnotisn through the contemplation of my sublime navel, and I can sing a mongolian Khoomij bitonal note, a feat which is said to require years of training. But since you're no Miss Universe runner-up, I'll stop wasting my time listing my many qualities to YOU. ;-)

BTW, don't you think that introducing yourself with a simple picture (although a very nice one) seems a bit... I dunno, lazy? Surely, you can do better than put a cool hat on and give us a lovely smile.
Okay, okay, talking about oneself, especially without getting boring, is an arduous task. Just do like me : when in doubt, either make it up, or divert attention with some clever wit. We know you have some. :-)
C'mon, don't be a spoilsport! Shake a leg! Step into the party, loosen your tie, grab a glass, and show us yer moves, pard'ner!

Hannah said...


Yes, I like cats. Actually, I like all animals, but a dog isn't feasible and I already clean the fish tank at work so don't need another one at home.

I don't really care that much about fashion and realize that I'm always going to be the odd one out, no matter what qua looks, so might as well get over it. Even if I lose a lot of weight, I'll still be different, even if it's just in my own mind. even if it's just because I"m the only woman (usually) in a man's world, because I'm very short compared to most Dutch people, because I'm an American in Holland... ok, I got side tracked. :)

The point is, nope, don't care that much what people think (or I do my best not to, this works better sometimes than others) and just try to be myself. Of course, what I need to do for medical reasons actually needs to be done...

Anonymous said...


Accepting yourself is usually the endeavour of a lifetime, but it is also a state of mind in which you are not alone. Take Domai, for instance. Or better yet, if it is possible in your country, take on naturism. Serious naturisn (not those sad excuses for outdoor orgies) is a family activity that's all about acceptance of everybody as they are. These people don't mind the least bit if you're missing body parts or stuck in a wheelchair (for instance). Just have a look at all the kinds of people who get naked "naturally", and I'm POSITIVE, if you manage to take the leap, it'll do wonders to your self-esteem.

Also, however weird this may sound at first, I advise you look at fashion shows. I mean, REALLY look at those poor, starved and drug-addicted sad women. And then, meditate on this proverb we have in my family : "Better inspire envy than pity." You don't look like an Auschwitz survivor, and that's always a plus!

Besides, your presence in our fine group and your comments suggest that you have a beautiful mind. And that is the foundation of real beauty. I wouldn't mind an unattractive wife who's nice and merry (I bet that can ensure some great sex!), but I'd never be caught dead with the exact opposite type : pretty and unbearable. Remember Eddie Myrphy's fiancée at the beginning of A prince in New York? Ideal... and catastrophic!

Sure, let's be honest, I have nothing against beauty. But it's NOT the most important criterium, far from it. One of our family's very good friends is a mother you'd be hard-pressed to call pretty. But she's an absolutely adorable person. She beat cancer without ever losing her smile.

A relative of mine is a (very friendly) young man who was severely burned in an accident. Third degree, on one third of his body. He now bears some very impressive scars. For life. After that, he also married a woman who's both pretty and very nice!
While the "girl" he was dating at the time of his accident left him to fight for his life alone in hospital. Which is very probably for the best, don't you think? He avoided getting stuck with the very wrong kind of person.

P.S.: I agree, the fact that cats are very autonomous (and unsmelly, too), makes them very convenient for company. You know what? If you lived in Lebanon, I'd probably ask you out. Honestly.

(Sorry Eolake, you said "no lonely Hearts ads", but this actually isn't more than a hypothetical one. Hannah would be bonkers if she actually moved to Lebanon!)

I sometimes feel weird because, unlike "most" guys, the first thing I look at in a woman is her face. I can't help it. The mirror of the soul. Who she is feels SO much more important than what she is.

Anonymous said...

Correction : it seems the english title for Eddie's movie was Coming to America.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Mr Forgetful again.

Healthy is beautiful. Period.

What I said about personnality simply implies that mental health is part of the overall issue. :-)

Hannah said...

Pascal, why haven't you posted hardly anything about yourself? How old are you, anyway? :)

What do you do for a living? Do you like it? Why are you living in Lebanon (have I got that right?)?

I'm curious! :)

Anonymous said...

Hannah, look a bit further up (10 posts above yours, to be precise) to find some information about Pascal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ron.
I would have considered adding some info if Hannah is still too curious for my modesty ;-)
but this post is about to take its retirement in the archives.

So, in brief : I'm 35, I live in Lebanon because it is one of my two countries since birth (along with France), and because before the war the living here was actually very good (Switzerland of the Middle East, and stuff). After the war begun in 1975, suddenly we didn't have the means to emigrate and live abroad. (How's that for summarizing 35 years, hunh? And they say I talk a lot...)

Let's see if I've succeeded in linking to my e-mail in my name this time.

Anonymous said...

Rats, it won't work in the "Your Web Page" blank!

Well, you can e-mail me here:
Nothing beats hand-typed HTML tags.

Anonymous said...

Grrr! "mailto:" doesn't work properly either! This blog engine is SO thick.

Ah, well... Hannah, if you want to reach me, just copy the address above, avoiding the messed-up hypertext link. Okay? :-)