Friday, October 06, 2006

Perceptions and the Positive

Laurie/Signalroom wrote:
"It's amazing how one can turn things around and take charge of one's reality by a simple perceptual shift. I.e. perceiving no more attack, only fear or a veiled appeal for love inThose who appear to be attacking us. These people are either in pain, or afraid, and even deeper, asking only for what we all want, love.
"Amazing to see this in the midst of one's own or another's harsh judgement. I'm practicing it at work a lot lately with people whom I judge, (okay, I mean, people acting like unkind ass-holes) and have had incredible turn-arounds, really amazing shifts.
"I see my first goal as changing my own perception of the negative person, not trying to change his or her behavior. I have been seeing such FAST turn-arounds happen, it's amazing. More and more I see it, we create our reality."

I had a friend who had a colleague with whom he had lots of problems. He then made a long list of all her bad sides and good sides, intending to give it to her. Then at the last minute he decided to only present her with the good sides list.
He raved to me about how this changed her. Even her voice changed, he said.

I think this is very important lesson. It is not an easy lesson though. We really feel justified in our dislikes, don't we?
But changing our perceptions and focusing on the positive can change everything. I am only half way, after a decade or two, but already my life is unrecognizable, way better in almost all ways.

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Anonymous said...

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Win friends, indeed! :-))