Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What they get away with?

It always confuses me what people can get away with and what they can't.
For instance, it had been years since I saw any of the old John Hughes movies. And I thought of them as the ultimate in sweet, innocent family entertainment. But, huh!, I watching Sixteen Candles, and sweet, sweet, young redhead extraordinaire Molly Ringwald uses both the F-word and the S-word, and there are fully nude shower scenes with bosom close-ups to show how unfairly well endowed (and well sculpted!) the protagonist's main rival is. Wuh?!

Speaking of what they got away with, there's a Chinese exchange student in the film, and his name is, wait for it... "Long Duk Dong"! Not only that, but every time somebody says his name, the film plays a gong!

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Bert said...

I'd bet it didn't come out like that in the original theatrical version, although I must admit that I don't remember. Seems that what you've got in hand is an "unrated" (i.e. "uncensored") version of the movie, probably only available on disc.