Tuesday, July 06, 2010

DS Styles iPh case

I've gotten a case for my iPhone. First case I've ever gotten for a phone. But since the iPhone is mostly glass, and despite testing showing it to be at least as tough as phones are generally, it felt appropriate.
I quite like this case. It sits well in the hand, works against slipping, feels like it protects the phone, has a nice pattern, and yet you can see the steel and other features, which I feel is important. All the access openings are perfect. It exists in a few other colors too.

I tried Apple's bumper case, and I feel it's a failure compared to this case. The Bumper hides the beautiful steel, and it does not protect the back glass.

CS-Styles have wasted no time in promoting that it helps with Apple's little antenna problem too.       :-)

I like their Chinese-English promotional text:

"Now the world is crazy by the new release iPhone 4. Come on everyone. Keep your pace on and do the complete prepare for it. DS Lattice Silicone Case is a have-must. The lattice pattern is simple but fashion."

It's poetry.

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Anonymous said...

I got a swarovski crystal iphone 4 case from the, WORST COMPANY EVER Do not do business with them. It took forever to arrive and it looked completely different. On top of that, they hardly speak any english and are impossible to reach if you have concerns