Saturday, April 24, 2010

Printing from an iPad

One of the silly little first-generation weaknesses of the pad is that you can't print from it. Well, it has now been solved by Steve Cencula.


TC [Girl] said...
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Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Big deal. Blondes have been printing Word™ documents that way for ages. ;-p

BTW, how many people still remember today that blonde jokes were originally meant to mock dyed bimboes, those deliberate stereotype airheads, and not NORMAL women? (Yeah, I KNOW stating this betrays my age. I confess, I *AM* above 19!)

There's no intelligence gene getting moved aside by that of hair color. :-)
As with fever, do not mistake the symptom for the cause. Social stereotypes and "beauty standards" cause idiocy to attract blondeness (blondity?), not the other way round. Same for bustyfulitude. When natural, it makes THE MEN hopelesly dumb, not the women.

Spell check complete. Print.