Thursday, February 04, 2010

Rooms for the tablet

[Thanks to TidBITS]

Interesting article about possible uses in the future around the home, for an iPad.

Here's an interesting item: wireless audio link from iPod to a music system.

And here's an article about the "future shock" effect of the iPad.
"People talk about Steve Jobs' reality distortion field, and I don't disagree that the man has a quasi-hypnotic ability to convince. There's another reality distortion field at work, though, and everyone that makes a living from the tech industry is within its tractor-beam. That RDF tells us that computers are awesome, they work great and only those too stupid to live can't work them."

And Seth Godin has a comment on "saving" the publishing industry.
"We need to get past this idea of saving, because the status quo is leaving the building, and quickly. Not just in print of course, but in your industry too."

Here's a long-view article about reading changes: Zombie Authors.
"Classic works from the great authors throughout history have long been available in print, but on paper they weren't notably cheaper than current works. In ebook form, however, works from zombie authors have a steep price advantage."

Article on bookstore death.
"The big chains will be next. Did you know Borders, with more than 500 stores nationwide, is now a penny stock at risk of being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange?"


Bruce said...

I agree with the "future shock" article. I have been working with Macs and supporting them for over a decade. Here is a quote from John Gruber that applies:

"I’m deeply suspicious of Mac users who claim to be perfectly happy with Mac OS X. Real Mac users, to me, are people with much higher standards, impossibly high standards, and who use Macs not because they’re great, but because they suck less than everything else. Pilgrim, to me, is a quintessential Mac user in that regard; and what he’s doing is wondering if maybe things might suck less somewhere else."

When I get in a car, when I open a refrigerator door, it reminds me of how bad the Mac OS X is. It's better than what anybody else is doing, but still...

Tommy said...

I know that this is going to be mostly appreciated by your American audience, but.

I was told the other night at a meeting that this new iPad is not the right name. It should be called the tampod. Doesn't Steve J. have any women working on his team? ;-)