Friday, January 19, 2007

Well done, Microsoft

I don't use MS Office much (I rarely write for print or do any office work), but I appreciate a good direction when I see one: Microsoft is making Office easier to use! Well done, Microsoft.


Anonymous said...

Well, hey, even with the best effort, they were bound to inadvertently get something right one day or the other!

But I guess I can forgive them this time. ;-)

Robert said...

I must agree with you both on Microsoft.

On your Art definition-

I intended no criticism of your definition, it is a very good one. Artists and people who work in arts and so many people who have time have argued over the definition of art and whether a particular object is art. It often ends in tears and one is no closer to the truth. Art Forums on the internet are a testament to this. Nevertheless your contribution will make us all think again about what we are doing.

Your homeland produced a most wonderful sculptor, Rudolph Tegner, a great favorite of mine. This website shows much of his work.

Anonymous said...

Robert said...
"It often ends in tears"

Tears? Wow, this must be the art of hair splitting! Can't you just, you know, agree to disagree, without getting too upset?

Ah these artists, what sensitive types! ;-)