Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Wrap Wallet

Wrap Wallet is a kickstarter project for a very compact wallet. I think it's a really good design.
It's not super-cheap of course, $30 for a sew-yourself kit, and $59 for a finished wallet. But it seems that the materials are carefully chosen, and it's a special item. Cheaper prices usually only appear in mass-produced products, which usually then don't have the same personality.

For us Europeans, it's a mystery where we are supposed to keep the coins. But in the US, coins are small and pretty worthless, they still use 1-dollar bills. They must get pretty durn used. European coins go up to denominations which you normally don't want to lose.
From the maker, D Jackson:
I keep them in the small pocket in my jeans! I know coins are a problem for non-Americans because they're actually worth something outside the US. We still have filthy dollar bills instead. I've heard this from a few people and will be working on another version of the wallet which holds coins ...

I haven't worn jeans since they stopped making them in other colors than blue. For some reason I think blue jeans are, I dunno, so bland. So I have no fitting coin pocket.
In the mean time, I use Waterfield's fine compact wallet at  They also have many, many fine products in bags and cases. The best I have found.

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Merle said...

Looks nice, but I'm not fond of the tri-fold style which makes it thicker than I like.

I'm very fond of my All-ett, which is very thin. Since I put it in my front pocket, being thin really helps.